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How To Learn To Do Make-Up Properly With Little Effort

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“Marita, I finally want to be able to do my make-up better! Can’t I learn from you? I want to be able to do it like you. Do you have any make-up tips for me?”

There it is, the desire for transformation! Maybe you don’t even realize how good you could look?

Of course, I’m happy to help you further. With a few makeup tips, you can beautify yourself in many different ways! You have to practice a bit.

When women put on make-up, they want to feel good and be attractive afterwards.

The look or the eye make-up has to suit us. General and situational to the respective outfit.

Check out the image under to see how different ways you can apply makeup on the same face.

There Are No Unattractive Women, Only Badly Made Up!

Could you browse my website and get inspired? There are many things you can try to find the look that suits you. You may have to get used to the techniques a bit and then practice practice, practice the tutorial step by step. but it works!

I want to support all women with my website. This is my online makeup school! Here I create make-up tips and instructions for a wide variety of situations.

It should be simple, with text and images, sometimes with videos. I’ll show you my best tricks from my many years of experience! With all perfection, it should be natural and understandable beauty tips.

What Types Of Makeup Tips For Makeup Tips Do I Offer?

  • Technical make-up tips – How do I use make-up techniques correctly? For example, applying eyeliner to the lash line or sagging eyelids, applying mascara to eyebrows and eyelashes, or spreading red lips. How to get rid of pimples and dark circles?
  • Stylistic make-up tips – Which look or which colours suit my type? Smokey eyes, for example. But also make-up colours for blue eyes or brown eyes or styling with the right nuances for the winter type.
  • Product-related make-up tips – which specific product is most suitable? E.g. foundation and make-up test, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, highlighter, mascara/mascara, eye cream, powder, lipstick and blush. Or which make-up table, make-up case and make-up mirror should you buy?

Basic Set Of Make-Up


The right makeup to apply, some tools and utensils are extremely important and make many things easier. Without them, a beautiful result on the skin cannot be achieved. So you should get a basic set of makeup.

The respective articles for the products, However, give you specific tips for your purchase. You are welcome to use my links. I receive a small commission, and this does not increase your prices!

In the following picture you can see a selection of the make-up that I use at the moment: Don’t worry, I don’t recommend expensive per se, there’s something for every budget. Good does not necessarily take to be costly!

Professional Make-Up – Make-Up Tips From Professionals

I have stood involved in many photo shoots, TV commercials. However, fashion shows in my career. I have worked with many very different girls and women in the beauty and modelling industries for the bread and butter industry.

  • Heidi Klum, especially at the beginning of her career in Germany
  • Stefan Raab on Katje’s spots
  • Hannelore Elsner and Franzi van Almsick in various commercials and spots
  • Ingrid Steeger, Birgit Schrowange, Heino, Mareike Armado and one
  • Claudia Effenberg, with whom I laughed a lot on photo trips!
  • I met Will Smith on Wetten Dass
  • But it’s not just the glittering world of stars and starlets that has its charms. To prepare a bride with wedding make-up to look perfect for the most beautiful day of her life is still a source of satisfaction for me!

I chose normal women as models. I hope this helps you identify better with the guide. Therefore, I deliberately present the instructions to different types and age groups. And yes, there are also children and men doing for the carnival!

I want to share my passion for beauty and cosmetics with you. It’s not just about learning and trying the right techniques and avoiding makeup mistakes. Make-up is part of personal expression, one’s self-image and thus also part of one’s personality development – and of course, education and social skills also play a major role!

In this respect, make-up is also the optimization of one’s style, the conscious study of external effects.

Make-Up Tips – Beautiful Eyes And Looks

Besides some visual exhibits in our gallery above, Moreover also wants to give you a visual introduction to our most beautiful looks. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you directly to the step-by-step instructions: