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Increase Their Volume With These Beauty Tips

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It is often said that near is no fashion that does not come back. And yes, it is true. You have to see how flared pants have come back this season in a defiant way, replacing skinny jeans or how high boots, locked in the closet for many years, become slender and beauty tips a second skin to the rhythm of micro skirts.

Something similar happens in the field of beauty, the makeup trends of the past meet again and move our bag in an agile way, and thus the eyebrows, so narrow and fine, begin to acquire an intense volume and a leading role as the protagonist of each one. Styles to adopt, but unlike other trends, as you know, the hair of the eyebrows resists. The legs, the eyebrows or the armpits themselves do not understand what rest is. While the eyebrows, more rebellious than ever, yes.

However, experts recommend certain beauty tips to help your eyebrows obtain the desired volume. Hair removal proves everything. Even until the first hair removal, you are looking for the desired mirror effect that hair by hair never reaches. For those occasions: Here is the solution. Or rather: the answers. One is sometimes small.

How To Increase The Volume Of The Eyebrows

Aside from skillfully (or not) tracing multiple brow hairs, other solutions will stimulate long-term rapid hair growth that will make you look like the brows you used to wear before tweezers.

Growth Serum beauty tips

Growth Serum beauty

There are no quick fixes when it comes to brow stimulation, but if you’re looking to improve hair growth, this could be your solution. The application of these serums nourishes and strengthens the hair. To do this, you can opt for this SkinLabo serum that stimulates the natural growth of eyebrows and eyelashes and prevents their fall.

In addition to being formulated with hyaluronic acid that keeps them hydrated and gives them elasticity, strength and volume; It can replenish and strengthen the protective barrier thanks to hydrolyzed wheat proteins.

Let It Grow, Don’t Fix

How many times have we removed more in an attempt to balance both eyebrows? Too many. We recognize it. To that, he notes: Take your hair out one at a time to avoid that extra pull. And try to shave back and try not to spend too much time on it; the more time you spend in front of the mirror, the more likely you are to make that little mistake.

Comb Your Eyebrows beauty tips

It may be completely silly but trust us: it works. You condition it and place it in its place by combing it, giving a more homogeneous and visually cared-for sensation. In addition, you stimulate the elimination of dead skin or dirt accumulated on it and prevent the formation of small pimples or imperfections since the pores in this area are less clogged. And that’s not all, and you can use it to promote blood circulation in this area.

Fill In Your Brows

Of course, if you have a small bald spot or have drawn too much, you can use your favourite eyebrow pencils: Tip: the more natural the effect…, the better. Give small strokes, and then correct them if you want. This ensures that the makeup stays intact longer.