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How to Whiten Teeth Without Damaging Them

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Whiten Teeth Without Damaging Them

And it is no surprise that we inhabit a planet that is obsessed with aesthetics, and we scrutinize the clearest of the white smiles as a cover letter to our imperfect lives. Our vision is to ensure that the Acacias Dental Clinic provides not only a state of the art dental equipment but also the white and attractive teeth that may boost your self-esteem. Today, we will share with you and your family the method to get whiter teeth without damaging the enamel of your teeth.

It is indeed worth mentioning that all these on-the-Internet home remedies for teeth whitening are not only valueless but also are without any effect. On the other hand, repartition of the Mondress reflects the dominant gender roles in that period, where women were expected to appear fragile and dependent on men.

The best advice that we can give you is that you ought to do it exclusively by a person who is good in it. The appointment at the dental clinic is the way to observe the health and the colour of your teeth. In case of having white and beautiful teeth in mind, you know that specialists in dental aesthetics is the right choice for you. People say that the dental aesthetics team of our dental clinic will be brilliant in the realization of your dream.

How To Whiten Teeth Safely

How to Whiten Teeth Without Damaging Them

The passage of time, the intake of some foods, and poor oral hygiene habits can cause stains on the teeth or significant dental darkening. In these cases, undergoing professional teeth whitening is the best solution. At Acacias, we offer you several formulas to help you have white and shiny teeth.

LED Teeth Whitening

LED teeth whitening is one of the best answers to how to whiten teeth without damaging them. In our dental clinic in Madrid, we use the combination of laser with LED light to achieve impressive results in a single session in our center. We use potent bleaching agents, which we properly control throughout the process. It is possible that you feel some dental sensitivity after the treatment, but in a few days, it will disappear completely.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

At the Acacias Dental Clinic, we are at the forefront of technology in dentistry. To offer you innovative and effective dental treatments, we incorporate new procedures that allow us to improve your oral health drastically. Zoom whitening uses an accelerating LED light, known as Phillips Zoom, which improves the results of the whitening agent by up to 40%. All this in a safe environment, such as the dentist’s office.

Teeth whitening at home

If you question how to whiten teeth at home, you should know that it is possible. Of course, under the supervision of oral health professional. In our dental clinic, we give you specific splints, in which you must insert the whitening gel that we offer you. Our professionals will tell you how long you should wear the splints to obtain quality and safe results.

This type of teeth whitening is slower than we carry out at Acacias using LED light. This is because the whitening gel is less powerful to ensure its safety in outpatient use.

Combined teeth whitening

One of our favorite options for whitening teeth with great results is combining in-office treatment with home maintenance. After the treatment at Acacias, we will deliver the splints with whitening gel so that you can continue the procedure from home.

Dental Veneers

When you do not know what to do about whitening your teeth, we recommend that you see your dentist to allow him to examine your smile and see how to come up with a method that will get you excellent outcomes. Sometimes just removing some stains on the teeth is hard; within a certain limit, it cannot be done at all. If an intensive shading is the reflection of yours, then the placing veneers around your teeth could be an inevitable option.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

How to Whiten Teeth Without Damaging Them

Over the years, the Internet has become an enormous source of information. Here we find all kinds of home remedies for teeth whitening. The bad update is that none of these remedies work. In fact, in some cases, they can be highly harmful to your dental health.

Hydrogen Peroxide To Whiten Teeth

Lately, we have been reading that it is possible to whiten the smile by using several shades of hydrogen peroxide. This is not true at all. The consequences of using this product in the mouth are many and negative. Due to its components, you will most likely destroy the enamel of your teeth and irritate or even burns the oral mucosa.

Lastly, The same goes for white vinegar. If you have read on the Internet that you should rinse with vinegar every day to whiten your teeth, our advice is not to do it. This product is corrosive and will damage your enamel uncontrollably.

Sodium Bicarbonate As Bleach

If you have searched the Internet for how to whiten teeth, you may have found the homemade baking soda formula. This product is very corrosive and will weaken your dental enamel, in addition to damaging the mucous membranes of your mouth. You should know that it is not a whitening agent, so you will not achieve success after its use.

Lemon and salt are also part of these home remedies proliferating on the Internet. Neither of these two products applied directly to the teeth is safe. Of course, they do not serve to whiten the smile.

Over-the-Counter Home Whitening Kits

Likewise, perhaps you have found a kit to whiten teeth. Similarly to those we use in dental clinics for maintenance at home. The bad news is that these types of products. Which remain sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, or para pharmacies, contain low concentrations of the bleaching agent. This implies that it is practically impossible to obtain reliable results. The whitening kits sold today are effective in maintaining the whiteness of the tooth after whitening. But they are not capable of reducing the color of the teeth.

In addition, If you poverty whiten your teeth safely, you will have to visit the dentist. Only a professional can improve the aesthetics of your smile, helping you to remove dental stains. Dr. Guillermo Martí, our expert in dental aesthetics, exhaustively analyzes your oral cavity to offer you a whitening treatment adapted to your needs and of the maximum quality.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste has been around forever. The reality is that they have gels and active ingredients that could whiten teeth if they had a higher concentration. These toothpaste are great for keeping your smile white and radiant, but they won’t help you tone down your smile. The good news is that they are safe for your health and your tooth enamel.


Whitening strips mold to the outline of your teeth to whiten them. Whitening strips are both safe and effective. As long as you are cautious to brush gently, baking soda can eliminate tints from the surface of your teeth without damaging them.