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The Beauty Treatments With Which You Will Want To Pamper


Treatments: this year, which we will say goodbye to, has not been easy. The pandemic has left us with more worry, anxiety and stress than ever before, and although we don’t believe it, it has taken a toll on us both mentally and physically.

That is why we are now standing where Christmas is just around the corner, and these important dates give us a few days off among those who think we deserve to be spoiled after such a busy season.

And how do you do that? This year we can’t think of anything better than opting for a beauty treatment to start 2022 in the best possible way and present our best face (literally) in the new year.

Because nothing beats a relaxing treatment to lighten and oxygenate the skin (especially after wearing the mask every day), a body massage to relax and release tension, or a session in a selected salon to switch off from everyday life and take care of everyday life to leave space behind with the beautiful upload, right?

From botox or hyaluronic acid, fillers to look better, to traditional laser treatments to solve specific problems such as blemishes or wrinkles, to treatments to improve the appearance of the smile, body massages, peelings and toning to tone the body, Lightning treatments to revitalize the body skin in no time … we offer you the most interesting and varied options you have ever seen!

Shiny Touch Treatment, In Royal Touch

A highly comprehensive treatment to help you purify imperfections and achieve radiant skin (and body) to start the year in the best feasible way. Shiny Touch begins with a deep peeling with natural products from Brazil. Which restores the shine to the skin, and continues with the famous Royal Touch method. This draining massage eliminates fluids accumulated in the body.

You are helping to sculpt and shape the figure to reduce the volume. To stimulate the immune system. Developed by Fernanda Silva with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. This revolutionary technique has become a favourite among models and influencers… and you’ll love trying it too. Its price: 150 euros.

Flash Experience In Gema Cabanero

Flash Experience at the Anti-Aging & Advanced Aesthetics Clinic Gema Cabañero begins with a total restoration of facial hygiene with oxygen treatment (which brings 99% pure oxygen to the skin and achieves the coveted effect of a good face). Moreover ends with a body treatment that includes peeling and a super relaxing hydrating massage with bioassimilable micro-active gold. Quinoa oil, bamboo extract and red tea. Its price: 199 euros.

360 Degree Facial At Slow Life House

The 360-degree facial at Slow Life House lasts 120 minutes (which is short) and offers comprehensive skincare. However, treatment begins with removing make-up and peeling your face, neck, décolleté and lips. Radiofrequency is then used with Q-SHAPE vacuum therapy to drain the eye contour.

Alleviate bags and dark circles, redefine cheekbones and reduce facial oval, and DERMAPEN drops to minimise expression lines where needed. Finally, a relaxing, draining, and firming facial massage uses the best cosmetics. Price: 145 euros.

Glow Tox Facial Treatment at Beldon Beauty

This treatment, performed at Beldon Beauty, deeply cleanses the skin. Removing all kinds of dirt and impurities that accumulate daily and contribute to acne breakouts, dehydration and skin ageing. It also moisturizes it deeply to maintain proper water levels and balance its PH level. Making it more flexible, softer and full of light.

Wood Facial Therapy At The Beauty Concept

This facial ritual from The Beauty Concept is ideal for rejuvenating or preventing skin ageing and produces a very natural lifting effect on the face. This treatment begins with an important double cleansing that includes toning and exfoliation and continues with a massage using hazelnut oil and various tools such as a grooved roller or a moulded paddle.

Its benefits? The texture and excellence of the skin are improved, wrinkles are filled. However oval of the face is reshaped, and blood circulation is stimulated with an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Its price: 180 euros (5 coupons 810 € and ten coupons 1,400 €)

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