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How To Take Care Of The Skin Of The Body

Skin Of The Body

In good weather, the body’s skin, which is covered and forgotten most of the year, takes on a magnificent appearance. Although we should take care of her all year round, few give her the same attention as her face.

Things as they are: We are not as attentive to the body’s skin as to the face. The pharmacist Rocío Escalante, the Arbosana Pharmacy and expert in dermopharmacy, tells us how to take care of her, so she looks best this summer.

Invest In A Good Gel Suitable For Your Skin

Personal hygiene should begin with daily hygiene. Choosing a gel that does not damage the skin barrier is important. For this, it must be formulated with a pH as close as possible to the skin (5.5). You don’t have to use too much soap, and you don’t have to apply it all over your body every day.

It would be enough to do it in the armpits and genital area (because here, it is better to choose an intimate gel). The water temperature should be quite lukewarm and not exceed 37°C.

Moisturizes The Skin Of The Body Daily

Like on the face, we should use a body moisturizer every day after showering. Hydration prevents the skin from drying out and the unsightly white scales from appearing. There are different types of body creams and textures to adjust the hydration according to the needs of our skin.

Exfoliate Once A Week

The peeling helps to remove dead cells, activates blood circulation, homogenizes the skin and makes it more hydrated, radiant and beautiful. Choose a body scrub and apply gently with a light circular massage, insisting on areas that tend to be dry, such as elbows, laps or feet.

Use Anti-Cellulite And Firming Creams

To achieve firmer skin, it is advisable to use specific cosmetics such as anti-cellulite and firming products with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

It will help improve localized fat and loss of firmness. To see results, it is important to be constant and apply them every day, even twice a day, morning and evening, if we want to do a shock treatment.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

They are part of the body, but they are the big ones that are forgotten. To be ready to wear sandals, you need to take care of them now. Exfoliating, removing calluses with a manual or electric file and moisturizing them are the essential steps to give your feet a flawless appearance.

Protects The Skin From The Sun

All expose skin areas must be protect from the sun’s rays every day to avoid burns and prolong ageing. Arms, legs, decollete, back … sun protection is important when the skin is expose to the sun, even in everyday outdoor activities: sports, walking, having a drink on the terrace, playing indoors in the park with the children …

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