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How to promote new yoga classes at your gym

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Yoga has gained popularity over the years. Around 40 million people in the United States practice yoga for health and reduction. As a gym owner, you might want to provide different classes for your members to like and learn how to use other methods to get in shape.

Launching a new class at your gym is an investment. If you want it to be successful, tell people about your fantastic new courses to ensure they sign up! Here are five ways to “stretch” your investment dollars and market new yoga classes at your gym.

Make eye-catching yoga posters.

When people work out, they might not always want to stare at themselves in the mirror. They should take a quick scan around the room to see what else is going on. What if they observe a well-designed yoga poster promoting your gym’s latest class offering?

A good old-fashioned poster never goes out of style. People remain constantly walking the halls, spending time in the changing rooms, and looking around the room while in the gym. All these places are ideal for hanging a poster or two.

But not just any poster will do. Your designs must look professional and exciting enough to catch members’ eyes. Since you’re busy running a gym, you probably don’t have time to design unique posters from scratch.

Luckily, there are plenty of free yoga poster templates available online. Choose the template that best fits your gym’s style, input information on your latest yoga offerings, and you’re ready to print! You can have professional-level posters without needing professional-level design skills.

Offer special incentive pricing for existing members

The people most likely to join your new yoga classes are your existing gym members. After all, they’re already at your gym! To encourage members to sign up for your new classes, offer some incentive pricing.

Additional members can sign up for a class. Class by causal: An associate’s first yoga class discount remains offered.Once they see how exclusive your yoga classes remain, they’ll have to sign up for more in the future!

Incentive pricing also remains an excellent way for new members to sign up for your gym’s yoga classes—for example, discount yoga classes are obtainable with every new member subscription.

Not only will this help fill up your yoga classes, but it will also get more people to join your gym. Win, win!

Start a referral program.

One of the finest marketing tools at your disposal remains likely walking on one of your treadmills right now: your members!

Existing gym members have plenty of friends and family who might remain looking for a new place to work out.

Starting a transfer program can incentivize your existing members to bring more people into your gym.

For example, offer a 10 percent discount on next month’s association fees for every referral who signs up for a class or membership. If a current member brings in two people who sign up for a yoga class, they’ll get 20 percent off their membership fee.

The referrals your current associate brings in likely won’t want to take the yoga class alone.

They’ll want to do it with the person who brought them in, adding another person to your yoga class.

Get social on social media.

All these discounts and promotions. Posters you’ve shaped remain a great way to inspire existing gym members and their connections to sign up for yoga classes, but what about everyone who isn’t a gym member?

According to the latest information, around 70 percent of the United States population uses social media, making it a great place to present your yoga classes to the masses.

By scheduling regular posts about your yoga classes and the discounts offered, you can encourage more people in your area to sign up for a class or two.

Remember to focus on quality content when designing your social posts.

Millions of photos and videos remain posted on social media every day. Your posts must stand out if you want people to pay attention to your promotions.

Use only high-quality photos and videos. And also graphics for your social media.

A blurry cell phone photo of someone doing yoga in your gym won’t get you much attention — and it doesn’t look very professional for your brand. Take your time to create content that will make your gym look good. Then, schedule it to post at regular intervals, so your followers won’t forget about you!

Invest in digital signage

Do you know what catches the eye even better than a well-designed poster? A big digital signage display! Digital signage has been proven to be more effective at selling products and services compared to standard signage, making it the perfect addition to your gym if you want to promote your new yoga class.

Digital signage is just like regular signage, except it moves! The movement, constant updates, and bright colors are what make them so effective at capturing the eye of anyone who passes by.

Add digital signage displays all around your gym, including at the entrance, over the front desk, or even in the workout area to make sure everyone always has a clear line of sight for gym updates.

But even though digital displays are already bright and colorful, you’ll still need amazing designs to showcase your yoga class offerings. Just like with your standard posters, there are plenty of digital signage templates available online to make designing professional-quality displays a breeze.

As an added bonus, digital signage is easy to update. That means you can use it to promote just about anything going on in your gym, not just yoga classes. It’s an all-purpose marketing machine!

Fill your yoga class sign-up sheet

How do you get more people to sign up for your gym’s yoga classes? With some well-planned marketing efforts! Create eye-catching posters to hang around the gym, offer member exclusive and referral discounts, make plenty of posts on social media, and invest in digital signage.

With all your marketing efforts working together, you might have to add a few more pages to your yoga class sign-up sheet!

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