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Eyelash Extensions Or Lifting. Which Is Better?

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Among the most famous and demanded treatments in recent years are those focused on our eyelash. We all want to wear long, dense and curly eyelashes that enhance our natural beauty with a plus of intensity in our eyes.

If we are looking for an immediate and much more impressive effect, the solution is to perform an eyelash lifting treatment. Or the extensions app. But… What is the best option?

Today we will tell you everything about each of these treatments so that you can make the best decision and choose the one that best suits you and your needs at your beauty centre.

What Is Eyelash Lifting?

Eyelash Lifting

This type of treatment lengthens the natural eyelash itself from the root eye. Let’s not confuse it with an eyelash perm; Unlike the latter, which consists of increasing the curvature of the eyelash from the middle to the ends, the lifting raises them from their birth.

Through silicone moulds that fit the eyelid, the eyelashes have adhered with a  special glue, and a permanent and neutralizing lotion is applie.

In the end, the lotion is clean, the moulds are remove, and the eyelashes are combed, applying a nourishing balm to extend the duration of the lifting and keep them soft and hydrated.

What Do The Eyelash Extensions Sew-In?

In this type of treatment, synthetic extensions are place hair by hair, lash by lash, to give them greater length and volume, achieving a more natural or dramatic result depending on the number of lashes and the desired effect.

In this way, there are different options: 1D with a natural effect, 2D something more intense and thus they increase until 5D with a maximum and more artificial volume.

The application process is very simple. Using a clamp, they are place manually one by one, so it takes longer to apply.

Differences Between Lifting And Eyelash Extensions

Application time: The eyelash lifting is faster since it usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, while the placement of the extensions can last up to 2 hours.

Price: The cost of the eyelash lifting is usually around €60, while the cost of the application of the extensions varies according to the quantity and the effect of the eyelashes to be applie between €60 – 130.

Aftercare: The eyelash lift does not require extra care or maintenance after its completion. We must avoid getting them wet and touching them 24/48 hours after treatment. After this time, we can remove makeup with our usual products without any problem.

For their part, eyelash extensions require greater care, such as avoiding rubbing your eyes. Carefully remove makeup without using oily or biphasic products. And combing them daily with a special brush to prevent them from getting tangle or curling too much.

Duration of the treatment: The duration of the eyelash lifting is up to 6 weeks in perfect condition. In comparison, the duration of the eyelash extensions is very variable. From 3 to 9 weeks, as it depends on the maintenance that is done to them.

In general, their life cycle is the same as that of natural eyelash. And they fall out along with it, so as you lose them, the eyelashes will look less homogeneous.

Treatment safety: Both treatments are safe. Always make sure you go to an approved beauty centre that uses quality. Techniques and products that cannot damage your eyelashes.


In the final result, everything is a matter of taste. If you are looking for a more natural and discreet effect, the lash lift is your best option. While if you are looking for a more impressive and intense result. The lash extensions should be chosen.

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