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Why Cover Pimples At All – Let’s Look At The Basic Problem

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The sebum glands, which are important for regulating the skin environment, are located on the facial skin, especially in the T-zone – forehead, nose, and chin. The sebum must be able to drain through these openings. This can lead to various disorders. Too much or too little sebum production and, above all, disturbances in the sebum drainage, i.e. clogging of the pores or keratinization of the skin.

In these cases, bacteria in the blocked sebaceous gland lead to well-known pimples. In addition to genetic causes, these disorders can also be hormonal and are particularly common in adolescents during puberty. But even in adulthood, such hormonal imbalances can occur again and again. Certain living conditions also affect skin diseases.

These include stress, lack of sleep, a little exercise in the fresh air and smoking. A disease of the sebaceous glands is also known as acne in various forms and should always be treate by a dermatologist.

What To Do Against Pimples? Cover With Makeup?

Cover With Makeup

If these are pinches or pinches, ugly scars appear. Instead, facial cleansing should start with medicated skincare.

You should seek advice because the products must be tailore to your skin type.

Excessive cleaning of the skin, i.e. degreasing the skin, can also disrupt optimal sebum production!

Recently there have been electric pore cleaners. They remove blackheads and pimples by soaking the skin. This creates a vacuum, and the spot is sucking out.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Cover Pimples

After daycare has been applie, a greenish camouflage can be use over the worst blush. This masking paste is wax-base and holds up very well.

However, the skin underneath cannot breathe well, so camouflage should only be use selectively. Greenish camouflage covers blush particularly well. One of my recommendations is the Shiseido Foundation Stick*, which is also easy to apply later in the day. Ideal when the blush shines through again!

Tips To Reduce Acne Scars

Some scars from too many connective tissue fibres due to an injury, so the fault lies above the skin level. This is commonly seen in surgical scars. The complexion can be normalize with good ointments.

Scars caused by acne are usually below skin level. Reduced wound healing occurs, and too few connective tissue fibres are newly forme. It often looks like small indentations.

Suppose this type of scar is still relatively new, i.e. not several years old. In that case, it can be ensure that blood circulation and the entire metabolism are stimulate so that connective tissue fibres are regenerate or stimulate to regenerate.

For example, the affected areas can be rubb with a good propolis cream twice a day. You should first test on your forearm whether this cream is tolerate. This propolis cream* is made without preservatives and animal testing. In addition, the internal defence can be increase with propolis capsules.

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