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www citaconsular com Honduran Consulate in Madrid

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New dating page for Honduran consulates in the United States – www citaconsular com

www citaconsular com – The previous platform had stopped working “unexpectedly” in December, so thousands of people had not been able to make a consular appointment. North Carolina, Charlotte – Hondurans who need to make an appointment at the Honduran consulates in the United States to carry out a consular procedure, must enter the new online platform: , which replaces citaconsular. com

According to Raúl Sabillon, consul general of the Honduran Consulate in Charlotte, this new dating platform began to work throughout the United States “successfully” at the beginning of February.  “The dating platform was launched by our government last month, and it has been a success, it is very functional and friendly, and compatriots tell me that they have been able to make their appointments more easily,” Consul Sabillon toldLatin Link NC.

According to a statement from the Honduran Foreign Ministry, the new appointments platform of the Consulate began operating on February 7, and replaces the previous one that was enabled in 2017.  The Foreign Ministry indicated that the consular appointment system had stopped working “unexpectedly” in December 2021, so thousands of people had not been able to make a consular appointment.

Safer Platform to carry out Consular Procedures – www citaconsular com

The Honduran consul in Charlotte indicated that his government says that the new platform for appointments at the consulate has more protection and that appointments can be made by people who require them, in addition to the fact that now it is only one appointment per person.

“The previous page was very open, that is, a person could make several consular appointments at the same time. Not now. Before it was by the name of the person, now it is by the number of the Identity Card, which must be entered in order to continue with the process on the dating platform”, explained the consul.

“It is a big advantage. It is how Social Security works here, it is unique for each person, so the information is well protected, ”she added. According to the official, they are aware that there are people who are not provided with technology, and therefore make an appointment on an online platform.

“We recommend that you turn to your technology-savvy children or relatives to help you make an appointment at the consulate. In addition, people come here and we give them advice. It is not a complicated page and consists of fewer steps”, emphasized the consul.

To obtain an appointment for the Honduran Consulate in the United States through the new platform, visit the site: www citaconsular com

Previous Consular Appointment – www citaconsular com

It is essential to make an selection to carry out any procedure before the Consular Section of this Embassy. Procedures will not be carried out without an appointment. Only people who have an appointment will be allowed to enter the Consular Section.

The appointment is free, personal and for a single procedure. You must make as many appointments as you wish to carry out procedures.

To avoid unnecessary delays, find out in advance about all the documentary requirements for the procedure you wish to carry out on the Embassy’s website:

Consular Services In Asuncion

Incomplete files will not be accepted for processing, nor will steps be taken if all the required documents are not presented. Bring the completed forms.

How Does it Work? www citaconsular com

– When accessing the appointment platform, you must select the service you wish to perform, the day and the time.

– When arranging the first appointment you will receive an email of registration in the system along with your password, which will be used to arrange new appointments. If you do not remember your password in the future, you can request a new one.

– In some procedures it will be necessary for us to confirm the appointment. Until you receive a confirmation email, your appointment will not be fully confirmed.

– Remember to cancel the appointment if you will not be able to come on the appointed day. Bear in mind that during the hours blocked for you, it cannot be used by another user.

– Shifts are opening progressively. Due to high demand, the system may tell you “no appointments available.” If you cannot make an appointment for the desired procedure, try it on successive days.

– Write all the details of the procedure you wish to carry out in the “Comments” field of the form. It will help us serve you better.

Honduran Consulate in Dallas Launches New Passport Dating Site www citaconsular com

The Honduran government announced that as of February 7, a new website will be operational to request appointments to process the passport. The new site is www citaconsular com and replaces the previous one that was enabled in 2017.

On this new website , all people who are outside of Honduras, anywhere in the world, will be able to request an appointment to do their paperwork at the consulate closest to their home. Also read: Hondurans complain about the service at their consulate, denounce lack of attention and sale of appointments.

According to data from the United States Census, 21,522 people from Honduras live in Dallas. The appointment system had stopped working “unexpectedly” in December 2021, so thousands of people have not been able to make a consular appointment, the Honduran Foreign Ministry explained in a statement.

To this was added a change in the last letters of the web page, which changed from .com, which had the previous site, to .hn, which has the new link.

“In execution of President Iris Xiomara Castro’s policy of strengthening the spirit of national identity, the URL has been changed from COM point to HN point,” the Honduran Foreign Ministry statement said.

Xiomara Castro was elected as president in the elections of November 28, 2021 and assumed the presidency of Honduras on January 27, 2022. She is the first woman to hold the position of president of the Republic.

How to Apply at a Passport Agency? www citaconsular com

1.     Find out if you qualify

To apply at this passport intervention you must:

  • Make an selection by calling 1-877-487-2778  or  TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793 ,  8:00 am to 10:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday. Cannot call on weekends or federal holidays. We do not charge to schedule an employment.
  • Travel internationally within 14 business days.
  • Show proof of your travel (flight itinerary, hotel reservation)
  • Pay the expedited service fee of $60, in addition to the regular cost of the passport
  • Note: You can make an appointment up to 14 days before your trip. If you need a foreign visa, your employment date must be within 28 business days of your trip.

You have a life-threatening emergency, visit  Life-or-Death Emergencies  . If you don’t qualify, visit  Where to Apply  for other options.

2.     Gather all the Documentation to submit your application.

  • Appointment confirmation number
  • Printed proof of your trip abroad
  • For example: Flight receipt, flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise tickets or international car insurance
  • Completed Form( s)*
  • All necessary documents*
  • A passport size photo (in English). The agency cannot take your photo.
  • Application fee and expedited service fee . We accept:
  • major credit cards
  • debit or bank cards (excludes ATM cards)
  • cheques
  • cash ( exact change only, we cannot give change )
  • bank transfer or postal transfer

*Not sure what forms or documents are needed for your application? Access the  Passport Application Wizard.

3.     Make an Appointment.

You must  make an appointment to apply at a passport agency. Be sure to write down your appointment confirmation number.

To make an appointment, call  1-877-487-2778  or  1-888-874-7793  (TDD/TTY). Se Habla Español. Due to the limited availability of urgent appointments at our passport agencies, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to receive an appointment in advance of your trip.

4.     Arrive Early for your Appointment

Please bring a mask to your appointment. As more people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, some of our agencies are located in buildings that have different rules about wearing masks. Please follow the instructions posted in the buildings and at our passport agencies that have the most up-to-date mask requirements.

  • We suggest that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to go through security. Weapons, food or drink (except bottled water) are not allowed.
  • Take the elevator to the 13th floor, room number 1300.
  • Check in at the information desk. Present your appointment confirmation number for verification.
  • Take a seat and wait for your amount to be call.
  • When your number is called, go to the assigned window.
  • A Department of State employee will review your application and other necessary documents and explain available delivery options.

Please note: We may not see you at the exact time of your appointment.

An embassy is an official illustrative of the government of a state, usually acting to aid and protect citizens of the embassy’s home country, as well as to facilitate trade and friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

There can be only one diplomat from one country to another, representing the head of the first country and the head of the second country, and his/her functions revolve around the diplomatic relations between the two countries; However, there may be several consuls in each of the larger cities who assist with bureaucratic matters for citizens traveling or residing abroad in the consul’s home country and for citizens of the consul’s country of residence wishing to travel abroad. Or trade with a consular country.

Antecedent: the Classical Greek Proxenos www citaconsular com

Antecedent the Classical Greek Proxenos

In classical Greece, some of the purposes of the modern embassy were perform by a praxenos. In contrast to the modern state, it was a citizen of the host polity (in Greece, a city-state). A praxenos was usually a wealthy merchant who had socioeconomic ties to another city and helped its citizens when they were in trouble in their own city. The position of praxenos was often hereditary within a particular family. Modern honorary embassies fulfill a function similar to that of the ancient Greek institution.

Historical Development of Norms www citaconsular com

Consuls were the highest judges of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. The term was invigorat by the Republic of Genoa, which, unlike Rome, grant various state officials, not necessarily the highest. Among these were Genoese officials station at various Mediterranean ports, whose role included duties similar to those of a modern consul (i.e. assisting Genoese merchants and sailors in difficulties with local authorities).

It was primarily a judicial body, managing maritime and commercial law as the Lex Mercatoria. Although the Consulate de Mar was establish by the Cortes General (Parliament) of the Crown of Aragon, the consulates were independent of the king. This distinction between consular and diplomatic functions remains (at least formally) to this day. Modern diplomats retain limited judicial powers to settle disputes involving their nation’s ships (primarily relating to the payment of seamen).

In 1543, the Mercadores Consul was establish in Seville to regulate trade with Latin America. Therefore, it had branches in the major cities of the Spanish colonies.

The “Consul” connection with trade and commercial law is maintain in French. In French-speaking countries, a jouge consul (consular judge) is a non-professional judge elect by the Chamber of Commerce to resolve commercial disputes in the first instance (in France, in panels of three; in Belgium, together with a professional magistrate.)

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Consulates and Embassies www citaconsular com

A consular office is an embassy and usually in the capital of that foreign country (the host state), usually a consulate or – between Commonwealth countries – a high commission. As in the terms embassy or high commission, embassy refers not only to the consular office but also to the building occupied by the consul and his staff. A consulate may share facilities with a consulate.

Consular Classification

A Consul of higher rank is call Consul General and is assign to the Consul General. Generally, one or more consuls, consulates, consuls, and consular agents work under a consulate. A country may appoint more than one consul general to another country.

Authority and Activities

Consulates of various degrees may have specific legal authority for certain activities, such as notarizing documents. Therefore, consular personnel with other responsibilities may receive consular letters patent (commissions). Apart from those specified in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, there are certain formal requirements that define what a consular officer must do. www citaconsular com

For example, for some countries, consular officers may be responsible for issuing visas; Other countries may limit “consular services” to helping fellow citizens, legalizing documents, etc. However, consulates may be head by consuls of varying degrees, although such officers may have little or no connection with the narrowest sense of the consular service.

Functions of a consulate include protecting the interests of citizens residing temporarily or permanently in the host country, issuing passports; Issuance of visas to foreigners and public diplomacy. However, the main role of the embassy has traditionally been trade promotion – helping companies invest and import and export goods and services to both the home country and the host country. Although not publicly permitted, embassies such as embassies may collect intelligence from the designated country.

Role in Diplomatic Missions

Contrary to popular belief, many consular officers may be career diplomats, but generally do not have diplomatic immunity unless they are accredit. The immunities and privileges of consular and accredited officers of embassies (consular immunity) are generally limit to acts necessary in their official capacity and, in the case of the embassy, ​​for official functions. In practice, the extent and application of consular privileges and immunities may vary greatly from country to country.

Embassies are more numerous than embassies like consulates. Ambassadors are post only in the capital of a foreign country (but exceptionally outside the country, as in many mandates; for example, a small power may authorize an ambassador with several neighboring states of relatively modest importance. Allies are important).

Consuls are appoint in a country’s capital and in other cities of the country, especially centers of economic activity and cities with high expatriate population. For example, in the United States, most countries have a consulate in New York City (the headquarters of the United Nations), and some have consulates in other major cities. www citaconsular com

Consul General

A Consul General is an officer who directs a Consul General and is the highest-ranking consul serving in a particular location. A consular general may also be responsible for consular districts with other consular offices within a country. The consul general acts as a representative of his state in the country where he is located, although the final authority of the right to speak on behalf of a home country within another country rests with the consul.

Other definition is head of the consular unit of an embassy. This Consul General is a envoi and a member of the diplomatic corps in the country.

Consul General is abbreviate as “CG” and the plural form is ‘Consuls General’.

Honorary Consul

Some ambassadors are not professional officials of the representing state. These may be local residents of the sending country, and in smaller towns or cities far from full-time diplomatic missions, a foreign government that deems some representation desirable may nominate a person who does not yet exist. Part of its diplomatic service fulfills this role. This consul may combine the mission with their own personal (often commercial) activities, and may sometimes even be a citizen of their own country. These consular appointments are usually confer with the title of honorary consul or consular admiralty.

The United States limits who can be recognize as an honorary ambassador and grants them certain limit rights.

Despite their other functions, honorary consular officers (in the broadest use of the term) sometimes also have responsibility for the welfare of the country’s citizens. For example, the Finnish Embassy states that the duties of the Honorary Consulate of Finland include monitoring the rights of permanent residents of Finland living in the area where the Finnish embassy is located, and advising and guiding Finnish citizens and permanent residents.

Traveling abroad to the area and assisting them in their contacts with local establishments or the nearest Finnish embassy or consulate. Some types of notarize certificates can be obtaine through an honorary consul. Along with diplomatic tasks, an honorary consul promotes economic and cultural relations between Finland and. The country in question and participates in strengthening Finland’s image abroad. An honorary ambassador can advise Finnish companies. For example, on obtaining information about the local business culture and finding cooperation partners.

Historical Role

In the social life of 19 century Lübeck. As portrayed in Thomas Mann’s novel Buttonbrooks – based on Mann’s deeply personal knowledge of his own birthplace – appointment as ambassador to a foreign country carried considerable social prestige among the elite.

City merchant. As depicted in the book, the post of consul of a given country was practically hereditary in a given family. With the emblem of the represented country on its house. And confirming the position of the consul’s son or other successor in that country.

Death of the previous Consul. . As Mann repeatedly note, the wife of a consul call a “consuline” and continue. To hold that title after her husband’s death. Characters in the book are refer to as consuls of Denmark, Holland and Portugal.


When a state comes under the “friendly” protection of a strong (usually colonial) power. This is usually represente by a senior diplomatic and/or government official. Such as the Resident General, Resident Minister or High Commissioner. However, if such representation does not exist (in modern terms, often at the consular level). The mission may be the only “diplomatic” alternative available: consular representation.

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