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10 Super Tips To Look Beautiful Every Day

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Eat Antioxidant Foods

Beautiful: take care of your skin and body by consuming antioxidant products rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, broccoli, peppers, Swiss chard, oranges… among other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidant vitamins are involved in our body functions, such as hydration and skin renewal, preventing cell ageing.

Don’t Forget Vitamin C

Do not forget to consume products rich in vitamin C or use creams or serums enhanced with it in the morning. Vitamin C helps us hydrate, protect our skin, tone deeply, and illuminate it. In this way, our faces will look radiant.

Clean Your Skin Daily

Clean Your Skin Daily

Our face is exposed daily to pollution, weather changes, and other external agents, so even if we haven’t put on makeup, it is necessary to cleanse the skin daily and keep it hydrated. We can do it with cleansing milk that hydrates our skin or micellar water.

Tone Your Face Beautiful

The toner is, in most cases, the great forgotten of the facial cleansing routine. We must not forget to use a  facial tonic that refreshes our skin, soothes it, closes pores, and ends up eliminating excess fat.

Deinflates The Contour Of Your Eyes Beautiful

The skin around the eyes is vulnerable and prone to inflammation. To reduce this inflammation, put two slices of cucumber in the refrigerator and then apply them to your eyes for at least 10 minutes. With this trick, we manage to improve the appearance of our eyes thanks to the cold and the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of cucumber.

Sleep At Least 8 Hours

Sleeping well the hours that correspond to us reduces bags and dark circles and optimize our skin’s cell renewal. Sleeping at least 8 hours is essential for good physical and mental health.

Take Care Of Your Eyelashes With Your Food

Keeping eyelashes healthy is complicated, especially in times of stress. That they are long and robust depends a lot on our diet. It is advisable to consume foods rich in silicon and vitamin E, such as olives, asparagus, rice, pumpkin, etc. You can also apply an eyelash serum with active ingredients that optimize the growth and care of the eyelashes.

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Hydrated

Use shampoos and conditioners that provide extra hydration with ingredients such as keratin, panthenol, aloe vera, or glycerol. These ingredients lock in moisture within the hair, creating protection and hydration from the core without making the hair look greasy.

Do Not Forget About Your Nails

Take weekly care of your nails to prevent breaking or weakening and moisturize the cuticles. To keep them healthy, do not forget to follow these tips:

  • Clean your hands and nails daily
  • File the nails, avoiding very sharp corners that can favour ingrown.
  • Let your nails breathe between enamels.
  • Do not wear false nails for long periods.
  • Avoid removing the cuticle.
  • Protect your hands with gloves if they will be in the water for a long time.
  • Beautiful

Showering with cold water is complicated, but following this advice helps eliminate toxins from our skin, improves oxygenation blood circulation, and speeds up metabolism. In addition, we will avoid dehydration of the skin that boiling water can cause.

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