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The Best Tips (And Products) To Keep Your Hands Young

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Tips: want to keep your hands from betraying the passage of time? Keep them young, healthy, and beautiful with these tricks for as long as possible. Although we are one of the parts of our body most exposed to external substances (pollution, sun, water, friction), we do not always give our hands the care and attention they deserve. Think about it. You do a beauty routine every day to keep your face perfect…

But what about your hands? If they are not treated with care and care, the hands are usually the part of the body that first marks the passage of time: veins and pimples appear, the first little wrinkles, they dry out… How do you care for them? It’s not just about a beautiful manicure. Hands also need special products and daily protection to keep them healthy and early for as long as likely. Here are some tips to follow to improve your looks!

Wash Them With Warm Water

We usually wash them with very cold water in summer and very hot water in winter. You have to find the middle ground: wash your hands with lukewarm water, which dries the skin the least. Also, use a pH neutral soap and don’t rub too hard (it’s unnecessary to remove dirt).

Hand Cream, Always With You

Keep hand cream on hand: Apply moisturizer to your hands often, even if they don’t feel dry. Especially before bed, at night, when the creams work better. We also advise you always to have a moisturizing hand cream and apply it as often as compulsory throughout the day. There are travel formats and small containers perfect for carrying in your bag! Like Cream Pops de Haan (26.70 euros)

Do your household chores with gloves scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning. Chemical products, detergents, dust or water (and friction) related to household chores damage the skin of your hands, so we recommend that you always do them with gloves.

​​Wear Gloves In Winter Tips

Winter Tips

We also strongly recommend that you dress gloves in winter when you go outside, and it is very cold. The cold dries and tightens the skin, favouring the appearance of cracks, wounds or sagging nails … so it is better to protect it from low temperatures as much as possible. Tips you can also use light and soft gloves to sleep if your hands are prone to cold hands at night.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate Your Hands

A step we tend to forget, but just as important as applying a moisturizer regularly. Apply your face or body scrub to your hands once a week after you shower. With a light and gentle massage, you can remove dead cells and activate blood circulation in the area. The result? Much softer and lighter hands.

Sun Protection, A Must

If you put sunscreen on your face every day, why not do the same on your hands? This area of the body is also constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause premature skin ageing or even the appearance of dark spots. Protect them with Hello Sunday SPF 50 Hand Cream (CPV)

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