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Thank You Coronavirus Helpers 500+ Words Essay

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Google Doodle salutes healthcare professionals

for their [tireless] dedication as the fight against COVID goes on worldwide.

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers – As the world continues to tackle a global pandemic, Google on Monday thanked healthcare workers, doctors and researchers for their tireless work to find a way to combat Covid-19.

“This #WorldImmunizationWeek, we send our Thank You Coronavirus Helpers to every public health worker and scientific researcher working tirelessly to find ways to defeat COVID-19,” Google wrote along with the gif on Twitter. It’s been over a year meanwhile the world slowly started shutting down as the virus spread across nations, impacting people physically emotionally¬† and economically.

While a few nations have been able to control the current viral crisis, India is still critically oxygen-starved. In a tweet earlier today, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, expressed his “devastation” at the escalating Covid crisis in India and announced that Google is contributing Rs 135 crore to India and UNICEF for medical aid.

On Monday, the country reported over 3,52,991 fresh coronavirus cases with around 2,812 casualties in the last 24 hours in new daily high. This is the fifth straight day that India as recorded over 3 lakh Covid-19 cases, with total caseload crossing 17 million. Currently, there’s a massive shortage of oxygen in the country, while several states have also imposed lockdown or curfews in order to control the virus spread.

Essay on Thank You Coronavirus Helpers for Children

-Byju’s Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Delhi, which is witnessing a grim situation as hospitals run out of beds to accommodate Covid patients and parks, parking areas around the city are turning into cremation grounds, on Monday announced free vaccination for all over the age of 18. With this, the Capital joined the growing list of states such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and more who have already promised their citizens free Covid vaccine.

On Sunday, Delhi extended its 6-day lockdown for another week. While Maharashtra already has lockdown with a few relaxations in place. Whereas Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and other states have also imposed curfews in different parts of the states in the wake of rising coronavirus cases in the country.

ITC Fiama mental well-being survey 2022: 87% GenZs feel relationships are the biggest cause of stress Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

The conversation around mental health has evolved through time and has spread to other regions of the nation. Young individuals today are considerably more concerned with improving oneself, overcoming generational trauma, finding work-life balance, and many other things.

Although the narrative surrounding mental health is gaining strength, and for that there should be appreciation. The younger generation’s emotional and social wellbeing is being negatively impacted by the pressure to live up to societal expectations. Everyone, including Gen Z and millennials, is dealing with ongoing pressures that are interfering with their healing processes.

ITC Fiama and NielsenIQ released their second straight study on mental health on Mental Health Day. Work is the main basis of stress for millennials. According to a survey intended to identify the reasons of stress with the changing lifestyle of young people in India. Relationships and breakups are the main cause of stress for Gen Z.

As global battle against Covid-19 continues, Google Doodle Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Younger generations are finding it difficult to establish clear boundaries at work in today’s dynamic workplace. Which has thrown work-life balance into a loop. GenZ, on the other hand, struggles at work as a result of their poor mental health.

The GenZ’s mental health has suffered as a result of. The shift in perceptions toward relationships in an age of instant satisfaction. They have been impact by several relational patterns, including ghosting and breadcrumbing. It’s crucial that healing is not seen in a vacuum but rather more from the perspective of a community.

Social networking is both a blessing and a curse in the modern world. Although it provides a wealth of materials to support people in working on their mental wellbeing. The deluge of information can also have an impact on people’s mood.

In order to understand the pressures that audiences encounter and the main reasons for concern about their mental health. The survey results also looked at certain cities in India.

According to the poll results, social media, relationships, and job are the main stressors in India.

It’s interesting to note that just 33% of Gen Zers are willing to get. Quick professional care if they have mental health problems, despite. The fact that there are many reasons for stress and rising anxiety. 43% of young adults who are looking into other ways to relax resort to music to ease their anxiety.