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Technology For Restaurants: The Recipe For Growing

Technology For Restaurants: The Recipe For Growing

Technology For Restaurants : 2021 has been one of the most unique and challenging years for the global restaurant industry. However, this year has similarly reminded us that technology has benefited restaurants even during difficult times offering original alternatives to overcome change, innovating in service, and reaching where the diner needs it.

For this reason, Super Healthiness wants to offer you this complete guide on everything you need to know nearby the use of technology in a restaurant today, from incorporating essential tools to the latest innovations that consume emerged from Covid-19. As well as a short-term look at the prospects aimed at the industry in the face of a future full of challenges for a successful recovery.

What Is Restaurant Technology?

Restaurant technology is the usual tools and procedures involved in the different activities of the food and beverage sales sector, after the preparation of products to customer service.

The first pieces of knowledge in restaurants appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, with the development of gas cooking, canning procedures, and refrigeration systems. The cash register was the first technological tool to take greater control of sales operations in that same century.

Technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Today, more than 80 percent of restaurants in countries like the United States have adopted various tools that help them operate efficiently and successfully, from the already essential point of sale to innovations to order online and enhance delivery.

According to the Restaurant Industry 2030 report, technology and data will be of fundamental importance in the industry’s near future, offering new alternatives and business models to continue growing even in the face of change situations such as those that have remained faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What Types Of Technology Are There In A Restaurant?

Currently, technology in a restaurant fulfills a wide variety of functions ranging from improving customer service to controlling everything that happens “behind the scenes.” Some of the main categories in which they remain classified are:

Technology To Enrich The Customer Experience

In a highly inexpensive business such as the restaurant industry, offering a personalized service that distinguishes an establishment is essential to attract, captivate and translate a visitor into a loyal customer. To accomplish this, technology provides tools such as:

Technology To Controller The Sales Of A Restaurant

The evolution of the cash register to the point of sale system has continued until reaching the development of new technologies for restaurants that help to obtain total control of sales, operation, and production operations in the kitchen, such as:

Restaurant Management Technology

Carrying out good management in a restaurant is essential to guarantee proper operation, make efficient use of resources and save costs. To achieve this, technology makes tools available to restaurants such as:

Technology To Control And Increase Productivity

Maintaining control of all the tasks involved in the production of food and beverages is essential to achieving one of the crucial objectives of restaurant management: cost reduction.

Technology For The New Normality Of Restaurants

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the fragility of the restaurant sector in a scenario in which social gatherings. Also, one of the industry pillars, were restricted. Still, it also showed how technology could offer innovative solutions to continue carrying service to the diner’s table.

Some of the maxima recommended technologies to avoid contact with objects of everyday use and prevent contagion during the pandemic are:

Technology For An Intelligent Restaurant

The integration of business intelligence is part of the technological innovations that have taken place in restaurants because, given the high competitiveness of the sector and the open crisis scenarios during the contingency, something more than a good idea is necessary to ensure the success of a business.

The analytics tools take as a starting point the generation of databases from all the information generated in the restaurant (types of consumption, resources invested. Increase or decrease in customers, etc.).Also,  To carry out an in-depth analysis of the business situation and generate reliable predictions that help develop effective business strategies.

How Does The Usage Of Technology In A Restaurant Benefit?

The use of technology partakes revolutionized the gastronomic business worldwide, helping to optimize all the processes that remain shared by restaurant management and significantly enriching the consumer experience. Some of the chief benefits that technology brings to a restaurant are:

1. Efficiency And Control Over The Entire Operation

One of the most excellent benefits that technology provides is controlling the organization of all the operational areas that allow the restaurant to function flawlessly and fulfill its fundamental objective: customer satisfaction.

Although, To achieve this, technology is responsible for standardizing all the tasks that are part of the restaurant operation, from the capture of the order by the waiter to the delivery of the order in the kitchen. Also, guaranteeing the optimal use of resources and helping to set the production times necessary to avoid losses.

In addition, it helps maintain fluid communication to respond quickly and efficiently to any event. Also, And accurately record all the information generated to access reports that allow evaluating the restaurant’s performance and proposing better strategies.

2. Reduction Of Operating Costs

Although, Reducing costs is one of the main objectives of managers and operators of restaurants of all types. Also, And technology has been responsible for developing tools that allow it to remain achieved through the optimization of human resources, savings in inventories, and the increase in productivity.

3. Increased Sales At A Restaurant

The use of technology in a restaurant has proven to be an essential factor in attracting more customers, increasing the average ticket. Also, And increasing the frequency of visits per diner, directly impacting restaurant sales.

One example is the Chili restaurant chain, which by simply implementing a tablet at its restaurant tables. Also, Saw a 50 percent increase in coffee sales and a 20 percent increase in food sales.

4. Streamline Customer Service

Although, The technology makes it possible to automate the manual tasks carried out in various restaurant operational areas. Also, Saving the staff’s time and allowing them to increase their customer service capacity.

For example, the point of sale for restaurants is responsible for streamlining bill collection processes. Also,   automatically linking the information with the stock record in the warehouse to facilitate inventory control.


Technology applied to gastronomy allows us to eat healthier. Also, Makes it easier to prepare recipes in our kitchen, and allows us to enjoy food differently. Technology For Restaurants


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