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How can I download stories from Instagram?

Enter the Instagram username in the field on the Story Saver.Net website to begin the next step. Finally, you will see the tales that are currently being share under the login you provid. By clicking the download link at the bottom of the page, you can successfully complete the download procedure.

How can I download highlights from Instagram? Story Saver.Net

Instagram highlights may only be downloaded from public Instagram accounts. On the website, fill out the username field and click the Download! link to proceed to the next stage. The albums that were produced by the highlights of the username you wished to download from will be listed in the following step. You can view highlighted stories from each album once you choose one from the list. Simply click the link in the story’s description to complete the download.

How to download Instagram Stories on iPhone

On an iPhone, you can only download Instagram stories via Safari or a third-party downloading tool. Only iOS 13 or later can be downloaded because of the features of your smartphone. Go to and click the download link to get started.

How to download Instagram Stories on Android

By visiting Story Saver.Net, you may easily download your Instagram stories on an Android smartphone while using Chrome, the most reliable web browser. Just take the required actions to quickly save the stories you poverty to download to your device.

How to Install stories on a Windows or Mac Laptop

The first step is to open Story Saver.Net in the most recent version of Google Chrome, which is advised. The processes can then be used to download stories or highlights. Using VLC Player, you may view downloaded video files.

Do you keep a history of the downloaded content?

No, The privacy of users personal data is against our philosophy. We do not keep any records, even in any transaction!

Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer

When you watch a Story using the Insta app or website, the owner can see it. Conversely, if you share a Story, it will be visible to people and you can see who viewed it within 24 hours.

If you view and save Instagram Stories using our site, no one will know that you have watched them.

The same goes for the Insta Stories on your account. If someone view your Instagram Stories using our service, you will not know about it as all actions on our website are anonymous. That’s why we call our service anonymous Instagram Stories viewer!

How to Download Instagram Stories

It can be challenging to locate the best smartphone app for viewing and saving Instagram Stories. The majority of them are troublesome, some of them are counterfeit, and it is quite unsafe to utilise them on your devices.

Using, you may download Instagram Stories online. It’s completely safe to use our Instagram Story saver.

You can use it to view Stories anonymously and to save content to your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other devices. For users of mobile devices on Android, we have developed a special application, which you can find below.

FAQs  Story Saver.Net

Q1. Is it safe to use the Save From Story Saver?

Yes. Our site is tenable with an SSL certificate, so you don’t need to concern about the security of your data.

Q2. Is the Story Saver app free?

Yes. SaveFrom Story saver can be use completely free of custody and without restrictions on any popular browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera).

Q3. How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously?

Paste the link to any Insta account to see the last uploaded Stories and highlights. Using our site you can watch Instagram Stories completely anonymous!

Q4. Do I have to give login and password?

No! We don’t need your credentials or the target person’s credentials to get the information we need from IG. All you have to do is deliver a user account. Our Instagram downloader will take care of the rest.

Q5. Where can I find the downloaded files?

Download Instagram videos, photos, Stories and Reels can be found in the folder, which is set to save all content from the Internet. By the default the folder is called “Downloads”.

Q6. How to use the Stories downloader app on Android?

On Android, there are various ways to view and download Stories from Instagram. The SaveFrom Android APP is the first and easiest to use on an Android device; just download the APK file. Utilizing the internet website is the second strategy. The third method involves utilising the abbreviated domain “”

Q7. What are Instagram Stories and Highlights?

Users can share images and videos through Stories and Highlights, two features that expire after 24 hours. The main difference amid the two is that ordinary stories go into a public gallery call Your Story, whilst Highlights are preserve in a private album call Highlights.

Q8. How numerous times can I save Instagram stories?

The number of times you can save a story is not limit. You are free to utilise our Instagram story download feature as often as you like. It is also free. An Instagram story can be download and use however you see fit, whether it’s to share with friends or to help you remember the story. Even better, print out the image from your Instagram story and hang it on the wall! You are in charge!

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