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Roxanne Wolf Five Nights at Freddy’s Triple A Fazbear

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Roxanne Wolf

Are you looking for similar characters from the series: Twisted Wolf from The Twisted Ones from the trilogy of novels or the enemy pirate Wolf from Freddy in Space 2? Roxanne Wolf, commonly referred to as Roxy, is a glamrock animatronic who appears as one of the secondary antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Physical Appearance – Roxanne Wolf


Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic Casanova with a punk rock artistic. Her eyes are bright yellow and her skin is gray. She attires purple lipstick and toenail paint, green nail paint, and a series of black dots painted on her face. Her hair is long and silver with bright green streaks. Like the clamrock chica, there is a paneled pleat under the bust and on the outside of both arms, but it has panels in the same relative position on the upper thighs. Her clothing consists of a red t-shirt emblazoned with some black star patterns on her belly, black earrings, bracelets around her wrists and neck, a pointed belt, short red shorts, and red shoulder straps.


After Roxy is hit by a mini-kart on the track, she is heavily damage. Her eyes were taken out by Gregory to enhance Glamrock Freddy, blinding her and not stunning her with a phaserblaster or fas-cam. She can only rely on voice signals to catch Gregory. His face is mostly disfigure and his hair is tangle. Her voice box is slightly damaged when she speaks, her shell breaking, partially exposing her endoskeleton. Roxanne’s broken design is somewhat similar to that of Withered Bonnie, albeit without her eyes.

Personality – Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne is self-center, repeatedly praising herself in the mirror and angrily asking Gregory if he thinks he’s better than her. She also has a modest nature as she sees Gregory as a game to be won. She even delights in mocking and insulting her enemies, especially Grigory, who has no friends and insults him by saying that no one will miss him. However, she is shown to have self-esteem issues, at one point she is seen calling herself a disappointment while looking in the mirror, and many of her vocal lines during the hunt indicate that she likes to scare people for their own insecurities. Roxy talks to herself a lot, worries a lot about her appearance, and cries and moans after Gregory partially destroys her face. When Glamrock Freddy enters her room crying, she angrily tells him to leave her room.


Roxy is very fast and persistent when chasing Gregory. If she gets close to him, she will jump on Gregory in an attempt to catch him. If Gregory is hiding near Roxy, she will sniff around to find out where Gregory is, making it pointless to hide from her.

Moreover, After being hit by Gard and having her eyes remove, she loses her ability to see and cannot be stun by the Fazer Blaster and Faz-Cam. Instead, she relies on audio cues, becoming more aggressive and overcharging when listening to Gregory.

Appearances Roxanne Wolf

Game Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Major character First appearance; secondary antagonist under Vanny’s control.
Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery Major character Posthumous antagonist.*

Behavior – Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf wanders aimlessly through the Pizzaplex until she finds Gregory, in which she chases after him. But, If the player is hidden or near her, she will sniff around to find out where Gregory making it harder for him to stay hidden. She may be distract by some obstacles. To destroy Roxy, the player must repair a Driver Contribution S.T.A.F.F. Bot and use it to drive kart on Roxy. After being destroy, she’ll start her boss fight, where she charges in Gregory’s general direction, bumping into things and allowing Gregory to escape. For the rest of the game, she charges blindly in the general direction of the viewer until she hits something. When the player hides in the clamshell Freddy, she doesn’t notice and continues to wander aimlessly.

Interests – Roxanne Wolf

  • Roxanne Wolff appears to have adapted the role of Foxy in The Animatronic Band.
  • Although unconfirmed, Roxanne may have appeared in Freddy in Space 2, the teaser and one of the game’s hit screens.
  • Roxanne’s name may be a reference to The Police or Arizona Servass’ song of the same name.
  • Illumix’s CEO, Kirin, confirmed in his interview with Dawko that he plans to add four Glamrock Animatronics to FNaF AR following the security breach.
  • The first twisted wolf in the new trilogy, Roxanne is the second animatronic wolf in the franchise.
  • Roxanne’s in-game design has a slight change from her official artwork, with her top showing a bit more skin than before.
  • In the Instagram version of the gameplay trailer, Roxanne looks in a different direction during the gate scene.
  • This may be because the clip used is longer than shown.
  • According to a QnA perform during the Nvidia presentation, Roxane said to be the hardest animatronic to model.
  • Roxanne maintains a secret line near the start of the game where if the player sticks around for a while after her speech, she’ll comment on how her “fans” are seeing her at that moment.

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