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Simple Children’s Hairstyle – 57 Super Cute & Easy Ideas To Make! Penteados Com Liguinhas

Penteados Com Liguinhas – Anyone who is a mother of a girl knows the difficulty and lack of inspiration to arrange the child’s hair in different ways, and if you suffer from a lack of ideas for simple children’s hairstyles, in the post we have gathered many hairstyle inspirations for little girls and simple and easy tutorials. , so you can learn different hairstyle styles to change your hair daily.

So, get ready to learn how to make beautiful children’s hairstyles and get inspired by ideas for different situations and occasions.

Simple Children’s Hairstyle – Penteados Com Liguinhas

And to enhance the curly and long strands, the hairstyle inspiration for children’s curly hair is a side ponytail.

In the simple children’s hairstyle, the hair was slicked back and instead of forming a ponytail at the back, the hair was all directed to the side, forming a high ponytail that falls to the side, so that value curly hair.

Among the ideas to value curly strands, the inspiration here brings the perfect hairstyle to value voluminous hair and black power style.

In the proposal, one side of the hair was combed back and fastened, while the red bow is a great idea to enhance the hairstyle and give the proposal a childish touch.

Short / Medium Hair – Penteados Com Liguinhas

And if you think that short or medium hair is more difficult when it comes to creating a simple children’s hairstyle, you’re wrong! To make hairstyles on the shortest strands, all you need is a little creativity and some inspiration, of course.

And as inspiration for a simple kids hairstyle for short hair, the idea here is to do something really simple to pin up your bangs. In the proposal, the bangs were combed to the side and secured with a hair clip, leaving the hair stuck on the side.

Another suggestion for short strands is this idea of ​​putting your hair in a double, built-in ponytail that starts at the top of your head. For the hairstyle, the idea was to start pinning the hair at the top and adding new strands along the double ponytail.

Long Hair Penteados Com Liguinhas

For girls with long hair, a good idea for a children’s hairstyle is to put all the hair in a bun, as this idea shows.

In the simple children’s hairstyle, the bun was made with a donut (donut accessory), which gives more definition to the bun and makes the hairstyle easier to do and more tidy. After securing the bun, there is the idea of ​​using a bow to complete the hairstyle and give delicacy.

Among the ideas for simple and beautiful hairstyles, the suggestion here is a ponytail with bangs. To secure the bangs, the idea was to make a built-in braid  in the center, like a mohawk, and then secure the rest of the hair in a ponytail.

With Braid

As an idea of ​​a braid hairstyle for girls, the suggestion here brings the hair down and a side braid that holds the bangs and goes over the loose hair. The hairstyle looks beautiful and the proposal is a great idea even for more formal events.

Another inspiration for making a simple kids hairstyle with braid is this idea where the cornrow is used as a tiara .

In the suggestion, a side lock was used to make a braid. And this braid goes from one side to the other, like a tiara.

At the end of the tiara, the bow clip secures the braid and decorates the hair that has been worn loose.

To School

The daily trip of children to school requires a lot of creativity when it comes to simple children’s hairstyle. And to give an idea of ​​a simple and cute hairstyle, the inspiration here brings a side ponytail.

In order not to look like a simple ponytail, the proposal brings a twisted ponytail. Which is super simple to do and has a tutorial at the end of the post.

Another idea to hold all the child’s hair and bet on simple hairstyle ideas for girls. Is this suggestion of a ponytail with little bows. The long hair tied into a built-in ponytail where several strands were added to form the ponytail.

Along the hair tied, the idea was to form buds using a hair elastic. Which makes the simple children’s hairstyle different for everyday life at school.

How to Make a Simple Children’s Hairstyle – Step-by-Step Tutorials Penteados Com Liguinhas

For those looking for inspiration for a simple children’s hairstyle that holds all. The hair and is versatile for everyday life and for more formal occasions, you can bet on the bun. Which is a great inspiration to hold all your hair in a simple way.

Different Ponytail

The ponytail is a great hairstyle to hold the strands and leave the neck free. But if the idea is to make a simple children’s hairstyle with a different ponytail. The following step by step is an excellent idea.

  1. Comb your hair back and secure the strands with an elastic to form a ponytail.
  2. Take a strand of hair tied back and pass it around the elastic to hide it;
  3. Take a part of the ponytail and use a silicone rubber band to secure it. As if forming a section in the hair;
  4. With the tips of your fingers open the section held in the center. Take the rest of the ponytail and from the back pass the ponytail through the opening of the section;
  5. You now have a twisted bud;
  6. Make new sections and go through the hair inside until you reach the end of the length of the locks.
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