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Best Practices For Planning Monitoring Of An OT Network

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Monitoring Of An OT Network

This article examines recommended procedures when planning to monitor an OT network with Microsoft Defender for IoT.

Consult them when designing the network. See Quickstart: Get started with Defender for IoT and About Microsoft Defender for IoT network settings.

Description Monitoring Of A Network ArchitectureDescription Monitoring Of A Network Architecture

To plan for network monitoring, you need to understand the network architecture of the system and how it will need to connect to Defender for IoT. You should also know where each system element sits in Purdue’s reference model for segmenting an Industrial Control System (ICS) OT network.

Defenders for IoT network sensors receive traffic from multiple sources, either through mirror port switching (SPAN ports) or network terminal access points. The network sensor management port connects to your enterprise, corporate, or sensor management network from the Azure portal or an on-premises management system.

Purdue And Defender Reference Model

The Purdue Reference Model is a mo. However, as with all the tools you use for your business, you need to be careful when selecting a phone system.

In this article, we have analyzed and compared some of the best business phone platforms available to guide you in finding one that suits your business.

What To Look For In A Business Phone System

Are you choosing a phone system for the first time? Before you start browsing, it’s best to have a clear idea of ​​what you should be looking for.

In addition to knowing your budget and ensuring the software is compatible with your system, you should also pay close attention to the tools that come with your potential programs. Here are some of the essential features you should be aware of:

Unified Messaging Option

Companies have been adopting more and more communication channels in recent years. Businesses remain forced to manage email accounts, phone systems, and multiple social media pages, making all incoming messages time-consuming. With a unified messaging tool, you can reduce the time spent on this task by allowing you to handle voice messages, faxes, regular text messages, and even emails using a single mailbox.

Mobility Features

Many entrepreneurs today are always on the go. They must have software solutions that can remain accessed in and out of the office. Fortunately, many phone systems can now be deployed in the cloud, making it easy to control operations even while you’re away.

Teleconference Capability

Today’s hectic work schedules often make it difficult for executives to meet with their staff and partners. With the teleconferencing capabilities of phone systems, you can choose to host meetings with groups of people anywhere and anytime you want.

Call Forwarding And Routing

Although, No customer likes to delay too long for you to accommodate them. You need to make sure your calls remain quickly forwarded to the right people. By using intelligent call forwarding and routing tools, you can help your customers get the answers they want when they need them. This feature is operated manually for most software solutions, but some have automation options.

Administrator Portal

Suppose you’re the type of business owner or executive who prefers to be able to monitor your business operations whenever you want. In that case, you need a phone system with an administrator portal. This feature should come with real-time reporting and analytics tools that allow you to check in on your employees and manage some other aspects of your operations, even while you’re away  .del for OT/Industrial Control System (ICS) network segmentation that defines six security layers, components, and controls relevant to those networks.

Each type of device in the OT network is at a specific level of the Purdue model. The following image shows how network devices remain distributed in the Purdue model and how they connect to Defender for IoT services.

Planning The Sensor Connections

Defender for IoT stays recommended to monitor Purdue Layer 1 and Layer 2 traffic. If there is OT traffic at Layer 3, Defender for IoT will also monitor Layer 3 traffic on some architectures.

As you examine the site architecture to determine whether or not to monitor a specific switch, consider the following questions:

  • What is the cost-benefit versus the importance of tracking this switch?
  • Can traffic be monitored from a higher level switch if a switch is unmanaged? If the ICS architecture is a ring topology, only one button in this ring needs to remain monitored.
  • What is the operational or security risk in the network?
  • Can you monitor the VLAN of the switch? Can you see the VLAN on another button that you can watch?

Although, Review the OT and ICS network diagram with your site engineers to define the best place to connect to Defender for IoT and where you can get the most relevant traffic for monitoring. You may want to meet with your local network and operational teams to clarify expectations. Create lists of the following network data:

  • Known Devices
  • Estimated number of devices.
  • Suppliers and protocols of the sector.
  • Switch models and whether they support port mirroring
  • Switch administrators, including external resources
  • OT networks on site

For more information, see Example: Multi-tenant network with multiple layers and More questions for planning network connections.

Top 20 Business Pbx Systems

Although, Having a business phone system at your disposal can do wonders for your business operations. grow your business Whether it’s increasing productivity, bolstering customer support efforts, or reducing communication costs,  these platforms are a great way to help you streamline the way you do business.

Are you ready to implement a business phone system for your company? Perhaps you are looking to replace the one you currently have? Whatever the case may be. Also, our list of the 20 best business phone systems is a great place to start your search. Monitoring Of An OT Network


  1. RingCentral
  2. Freshcaller
  3. CloudTalk
  4. Ooma’s office
  5. Axon Virtual PBX
  6. Comcast VOIP
  7. jive-voice
  8. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  9. Vonage
  10. dial pad
  11. Grasshopper
  12. 3CX
  13. Wind current
  14. air call
  15. OnSIP
  16. Switchvox
  17. Fuse
  18. Evolve IP
  19. crazy call
  20. Asterisk

You may be wondering why you should have a professional phone system for your business when you can always communicate with customers and partners over the Internet or through traditional phone calls. Also, Business phone systems will allow you to get specialized solutions for your communication needs.


Although originating from technology as old as the telephone, business phone systems have come a long way as a communication tool. As well as being a means of talking to customers and partners,  these platforms also allow you to take your business to greater heights by improving your overall operations. Monitoring Of An OT Network

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