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Lankyboxshop Com – Longybox is an American comedy channel founded by comedy duo Justin Croma (born January 11, 1995 [age 27]) and Adam McArthur (born April 27, 1996 [age 26]). Currently, the channel has 19.5 million subscribers and 22 billion views.


Zero-Budget Parodies

One of his most popular videos is his zero-budget parodies. They recreated music videos using zero-budget props, such as using chip bags as hair and construction paper as a backdrop. They stopped making zero-budget music video parodies and started turning those parodies into movies. Justin also makes a lot of puns in these videos.

Guess the Price

LankyBox created a show where Justin or Adam try different products and try to guess the price of those products. However, wins can play a mysterious game behind the wheel. Games behind the wheel are judged by longibox fans. Included are Cookie (a pink stuffed rabbit from BT21, a BTS project created for LINE), Simmy (a stuffed dog in a yellow hoodie, also from BT21), and Boxy (a plush from a cardboard box). Longibox) and Dumbo from Disney.

Longibox Animated Stories

LankyBox created animated stories about their past. One episode revealed that Justin tried to sneak into an R-rated horror movie with his friend in high school, and he got in until people started checking tickets, while other episodes revealed that Adam was dating his best friend’s sister. , and was caught cheating with his crush in high school.

Characters – Lankyboxshop Com

  • Box – Yellow and white cardboard box. He is lovable, sometimes obnoxious. He co-hosts the Lankybox World channel with Foxy. Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thick Shark, Milky and Longibot
  • Foxy – A purple, dark purple and white fox with a cardboard head, loves food and makes puns like Justin. He co-hosts the Longibox World channel with Boxy, Rocky, Sticky, Kenny, Ghosty, Thick Shark, Milky and Longibot. She is Justin’s spirit animal.
  • Rocky – Dark gray and light gray rock with black eyes and black mouth. He is Justin’s pet rock. He disappeared for a while before being found and turned into a teddy bear. “It’s time to rock and roll!” is his catchphrase. He hosts the LankyBox World channel along with Foxy, Boxy, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thick Shark, Milky, and LankyBot.
  • Sticky – This is said to be a brown stick or small tree and disappeared before being discovered.
  • The Mini Foxy & Boxy Plushies – 6 mini-plushies that appear a few times in the show. These plushies include Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Foxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Foxy, Donut Foxy and Heart Foxy. They can be purchased from Longibox Mystery Eggs. You can no longer buy them.
  • Canny – A soup can who is friends with Sticky and Rocky.
  • Ghost- A white ghost who is bad at scaring people because he is afraid of everything.
  • Fat Shark – A blue and white shark that appeared a few times in the Guess the Price series and in puzzles before becoming a stuffed animal.
  • Milky – A milk jug with a voice box and can play Longibox’s “Milk Song”. He is the only longibox plushie with a voice box.
  • Lankyboxshop Com – A gray to light gray robot that was part of the Cyborg Collection. It has LED lights. Can buy more.

What is foxy and boxy?

Foxy is another LankyBox flagship and is the 2nd plush Lankybox, preceded by Boxy and followed by Rocky. Foxy is a purple fox who wears a box on her head just like Boxy. His friends are Justin, Adam, Boxy and Rocky, Sticky, Ghosty, Kenny, Thick Shark and Felix (Foxy’s fandom brother).

Who are all the Lankyboxshop Com Characters?

The plushies include Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Foxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Foxy, Donut Foxy and Heart Foxy. They can be purchased from Longibox Mystery Eggs.

Boxy Boy is a talking stereo, said to have been made by Papa Parappa as a gift to Parappa. While only occasionally seen during Parappa the Rapper (i.e., when Parappa gets a new car in Stage 3), he plays a more prominent role in Parappa 2, where he acts as the player’s guide during training segments and counter modes.

In the anime, he is called upon by Parappa to give advice to his friends, but his words often sound dubious.

He appeared in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as some of Barabbas’ attacks.

Lankyboxshop Com Story

Baxi works as a mini-boss in Barappa the Rapper 2 or in the game sense of Barappa, a mini-teacher before moving on to the real level. This feature was introduced because Rodney Alan Greenblatt had problems with A Jammer Lammy’s stages, hence the addition of Paxi, also known as “Rodney’s Stages”.

In VS mode, Boxy Boy fulfills his training hours as well as being the judge of the battles. He quotes Octopus’ hairdresser’s line, “Okay baby, let’s go. Let’s do it like this” as his introduction, possibly because the two characters share the same voice actor.


  • Boxy Boy is the only charm in the games that is three dimensional, all the others are paper thin.
  • In A Lammy Jammer, a Boxy Boy-like speaker appears for half a second in the opening scene of Stage 2.
  • [In Barabba’s unused files, Rapper 2 Boxy Boy is an unused model that doesn’t have the same colors as how he appeared in the first game.]
  • [In Barappa Rapper 2, if you press a button during training mode or VS mode, Boxy Boy’s eyes will briefly look in the direction of the controller to match which side the button is on.]
  • In some incidents of the anime, Boxy Boy emits small triangle, square, circle, and cross symbols when he talks. These symbols are similar to the buttons on the PlayStation controller, although the colors seem to have been changed.

Personalities – Lankyboxshop Com


Adam Lankyboxshop

Angered by Justin’s actions, Adam portrays himself as being less humorous compared to Justin. When Justin shows Adam his alter egos or tells a joke or pun, Adam gets annoyed or laughs at them, and whenever Justin eats the food he’s supposed to use in his videos, Adam usually tells Justin the food. videos.


Justin Lankyboxshop Com

Justin describes himself as “thick”, humorous, and is known for his puns and alter egos, as well as being a foodie, as he is often seen eating food that should be used for videos, not for eating. He usually mishears what Adam says and makes puns. He has the most annoying funny laugh and scream.

Justin kroma Biography: Wife, Age, Parents, Nationality, Partner

Justin Kroma is one of the youth around the world who is harnessing the power of social media to great effect.

For those who can’t, Justin Chroma is an American YouTuber and social media celebrity.

Justin Chroma is one of the members behind the popular YouTube channel Longibox. He works with his friend Adam Maharther on visual content.

Most of Justin Chroma and his friend’s visual content is primarily based on pranks, challenges, reactions, mimes and banter, which has attracted huge followers and fans to their social media accounts.

This account focuses on what you need to know about Justin Chroma; Read on to see more.

Profile Summary

Full name Justin Xue Kroma
Gender Male
Date of birth 11th of January 1995
Age 27 years old as of 2021
Place of birth Seattle, Washington DC, USA
Current residence Seattle, Washington DC, USA
Nationality American
Relationship status Single
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $500k to $600k

Biography of Justin Chroma

Justin Kroma was born on Jan 11, 1995 in Seattle, Washington, DC, USA, but has kept his parentage details private. There are no particulars on whether Justin Kroma has siblings, but he is American by birth and celebrated his 27th birthday in January 2022.


Justin Chroma’s educational level is unknown as he has kept this part of his

private, but he is believed to be educated.


Justin Chroma is a popular YouTuber and online media personality. Justin, along with his brother Adam MacArthur, launched their YouTube channel LongyBox on July 30, 2016. Greatest Talent Audition Ever for their first video! Named, it was made in representation of the well-known show America’s Got Talent.

Her most viewed scenes include K-Pop with Zero Budget and Ariana Grande with Zero Budget. They specifically created gaming videos on the Roblox gaming platform.

Justin Chroma and Adam McArthur have two different channels, Longibox World launched on December 29, 2019 and Longibox Place registered on August 23, 2019.

Longibox World is very dynamic and contains videos of Roblox games, along with other interesting visual content.

Today, Adam McArthur and Justin Chroma are uploading unique content and being very competent in everything they do.

Personal Life

Justin Kroma is not in any relationship.and there are no details of him being in any in the past.

Net Worth

Justin Kroma is reportedly worth $500k to $600k and he currently resides in Seattle, Washington DC, USA.

Lankyboxshop Com finds internet success with their low budget music video recreations

Longibox was created by Justin Chroma and Adam McArthur, who call themselves the Zero Budget Guys, and their k-pop music video recreations have garnered them nearly a million Instagram followers!

Longibox duo Justin McArthur and Justin Chroma, the self-proclaimed “Zero-Budget Guys,” have gone viral with their comedy recreations of K-pop music videos. With nearly a billion followers on Instagram and over 24 million views on their YouTube videos, these locals pride themselves on creating quirky music videos and maintaining an online presence on a dime.

In addition to being tall and thin, a skinny person is also a bit clumsy. You wouldn’t use skinny to describe a tall, thin person who moves gracefully. Instead, use thin to describe someone who moves poorly on their long legs. Maybe you’ve seen a skinny basketball player who moves poorly but can still shoot, or maybe you’ve seen a skinny teenager who’s made up of long legs and long arms.

Controversy – Lankyboxshop Com

Allegations of Theft

On December 8, 2020, popular Roblox YouTuber Flamingo revealed Lankybox on Twitter and tweeted. He accused them of repeatedly stealing thumbnails and video titles from other YouTubers. An example of this is Longibox copying the exact thumbnail from IamSanna’s video, “I Built a *Secret* Attic House on Top of My Best Friends House in Adoption! (Roblox)”.

After Flamingo’s tweet, several YouTubers made videos about the situation, such as SonaDrasStuffYD and KoneGoKitten. LankyBox never responded to the situation, and some fans attacked those who exposed LankyBox, and many YouTubers made videos about the situation.

However, this only lasted a short time in the Roblox community. Recently, they started stealing thumbnails entirely instead of the concept of thumbnails. Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft exposed LankyBox on Twitter, saying they stole one of his thumbnails, and he compared his video to the thumbnail LankyBox stole and showed LankyBox’s video with the stolen thumbnail.

Bloxys lost in 2021

On February 10, 2021, LankyBox was nominated for the 8th Annual Bloxy Video of the Year Awards. They competed against FGTeeV, ElTrollino and LOGinHDi. Justin is not an independent content creator as he is not on the YT Star program team and his nomination was represented by Adam as he is the main founder of the Longibox channel. They then lost Bloxys to FGTeeV for getting the most votes. While many Longibox fans accepted the defeat, many did not. They later hacked Roblox’s Twitter and Instagram pages and also committed hate crimes against FGTeeV. The Roblox Instagram page post of the video of the year has been shut down and is getting some backlash.

Violation of TOS

On January 3, 2022, LankyBox was called out by NightFoxx for breaking the TOS. He said that the comedy duo was breaking the TOS by streaming their videos in full live on their channels. After NightFoxx invited them, many other YouTubers like KreekCraft, GizzyGazza and Chizeled invited them as well.


  • silk box
  • Foxy silk
  • Rock silk
  • Sticky Silk + Candy
  • Thick shark silk
  • Phantom Blush
  • Milk silk
  • Longipod Blush (with LED lights)
  • Longibox Mystery Eggs (no longer available)
  • Longibox “I’m Not Fat, I’m Thick” Sweatshirt (No Longer Available)
  • Foxy Magic Mug and Square Magic Mug
  • Square mask
  • Lankybox Box 1 and 2 (Includes Foxy Statuette, Boxy Magic Mug, Foxy and Boxy Reversible Mouse Pad, Foxy and Boxy USB Huggers)
  • Cozy collection (includes Foxy & Boxy pillowcases, coveralls and blankets)
  • Back to School Pack (Back to School Box, Longibox Backpack and Lunch Box)
  • Foxy & Boxy sweatshirt and t-shirt
  • Color Changing Longibox T-Shirt
  • Foxy Pack
  • Box backpack
  • Rock lunch box


  • Whenever Adam noises Justin fat, Justin usually tells him “thick”, not fat.
  • In many zero budget videos Justin has done a lot of stunts and guess the price videos like Roller Justy, Mega Justy, Stunt Double Justy.
  • Justin and Adam are also recognized as “The Zero Budget Guys”.
  • Justin is 1.80 tall
  • Adam is 6’5″ tall
  • Justin is gay (stated in old video but deleted).

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