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How To Turn On The Flashlight On Tiktok

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To Turn On The Flashlight On Tiktok

TikTok, the short video platform with more than 500 million monthly active users, continues to lead the social media market. So much so that it already competes against the prominent Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook

Its features and functions mean that more users join its incredible platform every day, mainly to record short videos of various categories (animated, technology, news, lifestyle, video games, health, fitness, and others.)

If you like this type of entertainment and are also creative and original, TikTok may be right for you. Now, to stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to upload quality content. You must be aware of the editing details such as sound, effects, and filters.

To guarantee a good job, some have chosen to buy the light rings and provide greater luminosity; however, if you are new and want to get to know TikTok features thoroughly, it is best to start recording using the flashlight.

The flashlight can help you give a better impression of your videos on the platform, but if you don’t know how to activate it, we will show you how to turn on the flashlight on TikTok in simple steps. Go for it!

Where is the flashlight on TikTok?Where is the flashlight on TikTok?

You’ve probably already downloaded the app and want to upload content to start the interaction, but where’s the flashlight?

  • On the main screen of TikTok, you will see short videos and a variety of options. In the upper central part, you will find two alternatives: “Following” (users you follow) and “For you” (videos according to your preferences).
  • On the right side, you will find an avatar of the video creator, a heart icon to like, a message icon to comment, an arrow to share, and a circle icon at the end of the menu to see the available sound repertoire.
  • At the bottom will appear the home icon to go to the “For you” section, a search magnifying glass, a message icon to review your DMs, and a person icon that will take you to your profile.
  • At the bottom, right in the center, you will see a (+) symbol, which will take you to the video screen.

Now, once these options have remained explored, to get the flashlight on TikTok, carry out the following process:

Touch the (+) symbol, and the video screen will automatically open to configure your content.

Once the window is open, an options menu similar to the previous one will appear on the right side. Locate the lightning icon at the end of the menu. Eureka! That’s the TikTok flashlight.

How To Turn On The Flashlight On Tiktok

It turns out to be a straightforward thing. The options menu explained above will appear on the video screen.

  • To turn on the flashlight in TikTok: touch the lightning icon and start recording with more light using the rear camera of your mobile.
  • To turn off the flashlight on TikTok: untick it by tapping the lightning icon in the menu again, and you’re done.

Another simple way to identify after the flashlight is happening or tainted in TikTok is by looking at the icon. If the yellow lightning icon appears complete, it indicates that it is activated. If, on the contrary, it appears with a line in the middle, you mean that it is deactivated.

How To Know If The Flash Is On During The Video?

It will become noticeable because it will activate your phone’s flashlight once you turn on the flashlight. Also, if you start the flash, it stays on during recording.

What Can I Do If The Flash Does Not Activate?

If, when starting a video, the flash does not turn on, it remains turned off manually, and turning it on or leaving it active so that it turns on when necessary is very simple. You should check if the “lightning” icon is immaculate. That is, apparently intact. If not, it can remain seen as a bar through it.

It symbolizes and announces to the user that it is deactivated. To proceed with its activation, it is only necessary to press it, and the icon will return to its usual image. Keeping it halted or activated will be at the user’s discretion, who, based on their routine and use of the application, considers what is most relevant to them.

Is It Necessary To Turn On Flash For Tiktok Videos?

If you want to get more followers, the quality of the recording, the originality of the content, and the jocularity are essential. Still, everything remains relegated if you do not have adequate lighting, which is why the application resorts to flash to help the user, but this will not be enough in some cases.

There are some specific cases where professional lighting remain needed. And of course, there are cases where lighting is not required. For example, videos on TikTok with other voices only merit the use of the application’s internal tools.


Touch the (+) symbol, and the video screen will automatically open to configure your content. Once the window is open, an options menu similar to the previous one will appear on the right side. Locate the lightning icon at the end of the menu. Eureka! that’s the TikTok flashlight

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