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Express Scribe Transcription Software

Express Scribe Transcription Software

Express Scribe Transcription Software

4 Best Transcription Software For PC

Express Scribe Transcription Software

install Express Scribe on your computer, and you will become a better typist. This tool allows you to control audio playback, so you don’t miss a word.

Express Scribe supports audio and video playback and plays most formats, including encrypted dictation files. The tool comes in two types: a free version and a premium version. It is worth revealing that the free version only supports standard audio formats, counting wav, mp3, WMA, and dct.

Express Scribe supports professional USB footswitches to control playback. Of course, your container also uses hotkeys to control playback when transcribing to Word or other similar software.

Other Features Include:

Dragon Naturallyspeaking Transcript

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a versatile speech credit software that can also help you transcribe audio recordings much faster. If you’re not fast at typing, this tool will save the day.

To transcribe auditory with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you must pair the software with a companionable recorder. Then go to Tools and expose a DragonPad. Go back to Tools, click the “Translate Recording” option, open the audio file you need, and hit the “Transcribe” button.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking will transcribe the audio file to the newly opened DragonPad. The tool is accurate, with only one speaker at a time. The only drawback is that there will be no punctuation on the transcript, so you’ll have to add it yourself. To ensure that the transcription is flawless, you should also review all of the text while listening to the audio recording.

It is worth mentioning that the transcript feature is only available in the Pro version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You can buy it for $300. In case you don’t allow it, don’t worry. In the following link (the official NUANCE website), you can choose between several versions and have a list of features for each version at your disposal.

Inscribe Transcription Software

InqScribe is a potent transcription tool that allows you to play audio and video recordings and write your transcripts in the same window. Also, It is an outstanding feature as it gives you improved visibility over the entire transcription process.

InqScribe is compatible with most existing media players. You can play audio and video files from your hard drive, flash drive, CD, server, or URL.

Using convention shortcuts, you can control playback and keep your hands on the keyboard. The software also supports USB pedals, but this is optional.

Once you’re done, you can share your transcriptions via file or email. InqScribe can introduce and export data in the following formats: Plain Text, Tab Delimited Text, XML, HTML (export only), Final Cut Pro XML (export only), Spruce STL (export only), Subrip (export only), WebVTT (export only).

Audio Transcription

Although, Audio transcription is helpful software that allows you to slow down and speed up audio playback. The program comes with a cool feature that automatically rewinds the audio when you hit the pause button to hear the last two words again. When correcting your work, you can match the audio to your typing speed and then speed up the audio recording.

Audio transcription also writes the names of the speakers in the dialogues and marks them in different colors. The tool automatically inserts timestamps as you type. This feature is helpful if you want to check an incomprehensible paragraph later. However, sometimes the software inserts the wrong date and time, but it gets it right in most cases.

This transcription software also supports explanations and meta-level or context information. It is a handy feature, agreeing with you to take notes and add comments, listing more details about the topic.

Express Scribe is expert audio player software for PC and Mac, designed to increase productivity in transcribing audio recordings.

With an interface that integrates audio and text sections, a typist can conveniently control audio playback using a transcription pedal or the keyboard (with hotkeys). Express Scribe also offers features for variable speed playback, multi-channel control, video playback, file management, and more.

Features Of The Program For Transcriptions

Improve Workflow

Works With Other Programs And Hardware

Professional Pedals

Increase your disputes per minute by giving your feet control over playback, leaving your hands free to type.

The pedals are “plug and play,” making them easy to install and use. Three controls remain generally set to rewind, play/pause, and fast forward.

Express Scribe has remained designed to work with professional stompboxes to speed up the return of your transcriptions and increase productivity. Express Scribe Transcription Software

Transcription pedals work for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Send And Receive Files Automatically

You can set the option in Express Scribe to automatically verify dictations on an FTP server, local network, or computer at time intervals. Express Scribe will automatically load new dictations found on the specified path, speeding up your workflow.

Works With Word And Other Text Editors

If you prefer to write your transcriptions in a word processor, Express Scribe will run in the background while you use hotkeys or a foot pedal to control it. You can use Microsoft Word, Corel Wordperfect, Lotus Word Pro ​​, or any other word processor on Windows


Windows Dictation. Using built-in speech recognition, Windows Dictation easily converts everything you speak into text. Also, It is elementary to use, and there are a variety of commands that can remain used to control text and type without accessing the keyboard and with exceptional precision. Express Scribe Transcription Software


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