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How To Cool Down An Overheated Samsung Galaxy S21? – 2022

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Overheated Samsung Galaxy S21 – When you use your Samsung Galaxy S21, you find it particularly hot, or your phone tells you that it is overheating. Overheating is detrimental to a mobile phone and especially its battery. In these cases, it is good to be able to cool it quickly to avoid damage. We will see in this article why your Android phone is overheating. After that, we explain the manipulations if your Samsung Galaxy S21 overheats. Finally, we will introduce you to some applications that will be able to cool down your Samsung Galaxy S21.

Why Is Your Android Getting Hot? –  Overheated Samsung Galaxy S21

Indeed, it happens that your Samsung Galaxy S21 gets hot. Here are explanations for these temperature spikes and how to prevent your Samsung Galaxy S21 from overheating.

  • Presence of a coke that increases heat: remove it
  • Sun exposure: You partake left your phone proceeding a table in the sun before being exposed to the sun in your car behind the windshield. You should avoid leaving your phone in straight sunlight or a sweltering room. Choose an amount that sticks to air vents like this universal car phone mount when using GPS.
  • Particularly long recharge: do not leave your phone plugged in for a long time
  • Excessive use on your Samsung Galaxy S21: periodically close all applications. How do close apps run in the background on your Samsung Galaxy S21?
  • Powerful luminosity: lower the brightness of your Samsung Galaxy S21

How To Cool Down Your Hot Samsung Galaxy S21?How To Cool Down Your Hot Samsung Galaxy S21?

Here are some guidelines that remain not recommended to cool down your phone:

  • Never immerse an overheated mobile phone in water, even if the latter is supposed to be waterproof!
  • Please do not put it in the icebox or freezer.

Afterward, it remains recommended to carry out some operations to cool down your Samsung Galaxy S21:

  • Please turn off your phone and remove the case if you don’t need your Samsung Galaxy S21 right away.
  • Or remove the case, unplug any plugged-in chargers, and close all apps running in the background. Finally, please place it in a reasonably cool room.

What Applications Cool A Mobile Phone?

Here are some apps to efficiently cool down your Samsung Galaxy S21:

  • Excellent Phone: This app cools down your phone and reduces CPU usage when closing apps. It also allows you to show your phone temperature, clean your phone, and speed up your Android.
  • Excellent Phone & Battery Saver: This app optimizes your Samsung Galaxy S21 by cleaning RAM. You will also have a battery saver. We can also check your phone for overheating to reduce processor usage.
  • CPU Cooler – Cleaner – Fast Charge is a free app to cool down the android processor and cool down mobile phone temperature professionally. CPU Cooler can help you clean junk files, speed up and decrease your reload time.

If you are ever looking for other tutorials on your Samsung Galaxy S21, we invite you to look at the other pages in the category: Samsung Galaxy S21.

Keep Your Galaxy Device At Its Normal Operating Temperature – Overheated Samsung Galaxy S21

Whether you’re using a phone, tablet, smartwatch, or headset, all Galaxy devices have a set temperature range where they work best. While they may feel hot under certain conditions, such as charging, this does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance. However, if your devices get too hot, they could cause issues. Use this guide to help keep your devices at their average operating temperature.

What Happens When The Headphones Need To Cool Down?

Your Samsung headphones will constantly beep as a safety measure to alert you that they need to cool down. If you are wearing the earphones when they feel hot to the touch or start to make a beeping noise, immediately remove them from your ears. Please do not put the earbuds in the charging case or use them again until they cool down.

What Happens When A Smartwatch Needs To Cool Down?

When your watch reaches favorable temperatures, it will send you alerts and take precautionary steps to protect itself from damage. If you are wearing the smartwatch, immediately remove it from your wrist and let it cool down.

Here’s what will happen when your wristwatch needs to cool down and what you should do:

First Alert: If the watch reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit, a warning message will appear on the screen. Please take a look off your wrist and let it cool. You are doing so willpower prevent damage to the watch’s battery-operated life.

Second Alert – If the temperature of the watch continues to rise, a second warning message will appear, at which point calls and other features except incoming 911 calls may be disabled.


Thermal Guardian is a module or application with which Samsung will allow you to control the temperature of your Galaxy mobile at all times. Keep track throughout the day to see if there are significant changes in your temperature or if there are indicators that something is wrong.

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