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Chosun Com – Chosun Ilbo is a daily newspaper in South Korea and the oldest daily newspaper in the country. With a daily circulation of over 1,800,000, Chosun Ilbo has been audit annually since the creation of the Audit Bureau in 1993. Chosun Ilbo and its subsidiary Digital Chosun operate the news site, which also publishes web editions. The newspaper is in English, Chinese and Japanese. Journal of registration for South Korea is careful.

History – Chosun Com

The Chosun Ilbo Founding Union was formed in September 1919, while the Chosun Ilbo Company was founded on March 5, 1920 by Chin Chogu. The newspaper criticized and sometimes directly opposed the actions of the Japanese government throughout Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945).

Proceeding August 27, 1920, the Chosun Ilbo was postponed for publishing an editorial criticizing what it said was the excessive use of force by the Japanese police against Korean citizens. This is the primary in a series of suspensions. On September 5, 1920, three days after the first suspension was lifted, the newspaper ran an editorial: “Has the Japanese Central Committee closed our newspaper?” Later, Chosun Ilbo was suspended indefinitely.

In 1927, the editor and editor of Chosun Ilbo were arrest. The author was also the main writer. The alleged crime in this case was an editorial describing the mistreatment of prisoners by the colonial government. In May of the same year, in response to an editorial criticizing the deployment of troops in Shandong, the newspaper suspend for the fourth time – in this case for 133 days. Editor-in-chief Ahn Jae-Hong has been arrest again.

After these events, Chosun Ilbo took the lead in the events, tried to improve public life and sponsored collective events. It was a tumultuous time; In three years, the president change three times. On December 21, 1935, the Chosun Ilbo published 100,000 Korean language textbooks across the country, protesting compulsory Japanese education and plans to unify the Korean people and language.

Over the years, Chosun Ilbo has published several additional titles, including a monthly current affairs magazine, Youth Chosun, the first of its kind in Korea. Others include its sister publication Jokwang.

Subsidiaries – Chosun Com

In addition to the daily newspaper, the company also publishes the weekly Jugan Sosan, the monthly Volgan Sosan and other newspapers and magazines. Subsidiaries include Digital Sosun, Volcan Sosun, Edu-Sosun and Sosunbis.

North Korean Position

Chosun Ilbo has taken a skeptical stance towards the government’s policy towards North Korea, such as Kim Dae-jung’s “sun policy”. This drew strong criticism and threats from the North.


On 31 May 2019, the newspaper report that, base on “an unidentifie source”, the head diplomat of North Korea’s nuclear envoy Kim Hyok-chol, had execut by a North Korean Government firing squad Chosun Com. However, two days later, on 2 June 2019, the top diplomat seen at a concert sitting a few seats away from North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Some Ethnic Names

Korea originated from the Goryeo dynasty from the 10th to the 14th century. Joseon, the North Korean name for originated in the late Joseon Dynasty of the 15th to 19th centuries.

Han originated as a native Korean word for “leader” and similar concepts. Which suggest to be related to Khan (as in Genghis Khan) and found in the fictional Altaic language family. Chosun Com It use to refer to the Three Hans (leaders) who led the people who would eventually form the three Korean kingdoms of Baekje, Silla, and Gaya, and thus became a name for the ethnic group. Before the invention of Hangul, when Han Chinese script use to write Korean, the word later translated into Hanja as.

The Countries’ Names


Apparently, when the DPRK form, it chose the name of Korea’s last dynasty, hence the Joseon Democratic People’s Republic.


However, when the RoK form, a politically independent (in the sense of not honoring any dynasty) and ethnically inclusive (since all Koreans were descendants of a people led by three Han) name chosen, hence the Great Han Republic.


Finally, Europeans couldn’t resist the name they use to – Korea. So the English name for these countries has Korea instead of Joseon and Han. If you look at the binomial (Latin) names of some of the species, instead of just the name Korea in English. The Korean pine tree is call Pinus coreiensis, so you would expect most European languages ​​to call it Korea.


As all of these words have hanja forms, the languages ​​of the synosphere do not use the word Korea. Instead sticking to their own forms of the official name:

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Ultimately, the term Korea only use in English and other European languages ​​for historical reasons. Their names in their own language and in other. Sinosphere languages ​​other than English are more in line with how Koreans identify themselves.

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