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Brush Your Teeth: How To Do It Right!

Brush Your Teeth

Brush teeth are part of the day by day routine for maximum Germans. Nevertheless, caries and periodontitis are significant on this you. S. How can that be? The reasons for this seemingly lie within the pleasant of tooth brushing – one brushes regularly, however incorrectly. Read right here whilst, how often and, peculiarly, how you need to brush your enamel.

How To Brush Your Teeth Well!

When brushing your tooth, you need to comply with a few simple rules:

Nonetheless, many people brush their teeth in the manner they learned to do as children. However, dental recommendations have changed during the last few decades.

Wait After The Meal

You shouldn’t brush your tooth right now after every meal. For example, suppose you’ve eaten distinctly acidic fruits like apples, oranges, and kiwis, salads with vinegar dressing, or fruit juice. In that case, it’s satisfactory to wait at least an hour before brushing your tooth.

Because the acids dissolve minerals consisting of calcium and phosphate from the enamel tooth, which weakens the protective layer of the tooth, if you then brush your enamel at once, you rub off the tooth.

After about an hour, the mineral-wealthy saliva has largely remineralized the tooth so that you can brush your teeth without fear.

Cleaning With The Bass Method

When it involves the generation, dentists now advise something distinct than they used to: Instead of brushing your teeth in a circle, the so-known bass technique is now encouraged – brushing from red to white. Because it has been proven that by brushing your teeth in a round movement, meals residue and bacteria can be driven underneath the gums, probably inflicting them to become inflamed.

Here’s how the bass approach works:

The Right Plastering Approach – The KAI Gadget

It is exceptional to proceed systematically when brushing your tooth so that all enamel and surfaces are indeed dealt with. The “KAI” machine has tested itself. Start with the chewing characters, then brush the out of doors and finally the inner of the teeth.

Likewise, it would help if you didn’t press too tricky while brushing your enamel. The strain you apply has to exceed 150 grams now not. That’s how a good deal a mean orange weighs, for example. If you’re unsure: without a doubt, use a letter scale to check how a lot of stress you are exerting at the toothbrush whilst brushing your teeth.

Why Brushing Your Tooth Properly Is So Essential

Healthy enamel, not most brief appearance excellent and don’t hurt, they also shop cash – despite everything, the charges for crowns or bridges fast attain the three or four-digit euro variety.

But the best one per cent of all adults in Germany have caries-loose teeth. The majority of the rest have holes or crowns, and around 20 per cent are even afflicted by intense periodontitis.

One reason for this is that many people do not brush their enamel nicely. This is what a take a look at by the Forsa Institute commissioned via the University of Witten/Herdecke and the insurance business enterprise AXA indicates. According to this, 57 per cent of Germans do not brush their tooth under present-day dental tips.

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