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What Benefits does an Eye Contour Cream have?

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What Benefits does an eye Contour Cream have?

Benefits : the Eye Contour is one of those areas the fact that although we know that we have to give it a “special treatment”  many times, we leave it in oblivion. We think it is too early to start using a contour, which is a substantial cosmetic mistake. At the same time that we begin to use a moisturizing cream for the face, we must use an eye contour appropriate to the needs of age and skin type.

It remains estimated that weblink approximately 10,000 times a day. The eye contour is the area that accumulates the most movement. His muscles don’t stop moving:  when he smiles and focuses his eyes. Imagine what that does to the skin. If we wrinkle and unwrinkle the skin so often, it is not hydrated and prepared to face the movements. What happens? Well, the skin is wrinkling and breaking. What, with time, causes the appearance of the well-known “crow’s feet.” (Anti-wrinkle eye contour tensor effect. See here)

Despite all these “against” factors, it is an area of ​​the face that must remain taken into account. It is in our point of view inevitably, when we talk to another person when we address them. In short, the eyes and their contour focus our attention, provide expressiveness, and are definitive in the beauty that the face reflects. Therefore, you have to take care of this contoured skin to keep it smooth and luminous over the years.

How To Apply Eye Contour Step By StepHow To Apply Eye Contour Step By Step


The skin around the eyes is the most delicate area of ​​your face. In addition to external factors, such as the sun, pollution, or cold, it remains also exposed to the constant movement of blinking and your expression gestures. Therefore, it needs special care that any cream indicated for the face cannot provide since they can be too oily for this area. Discover the steps you have to follow for your facial care!

Eye Contour – Benefits

You must incorporate an eye contour into your facial routine that hydrates the entire area, providing innumerable benefits that will help you show off a rested look full of luminosity.

Say goodbye to dark circles, bags, and wrinkles by applying a suitable eye contour that responds to your skin’s needs. First, take a tour of the perfumeries and cosmetics stores in Luz del Tajo and find the most outstanding products. Then, discover the potential of this fantastic product!

Shiseido Eye Cream

The  Bio-Performance Glow Revival Eye product is an eye contour treatment capable of resolving multiple imperfections. In addition to regenerating and repairing the blood capillary system of the skin in the eye area, it is ideal for improving the appearance of dark circles, bags, wrinkles, and dehydration. Furthermore, it shows off a soft and firm eye contour, thanks to the hydration provided by this Shiseido brand product that you can find in the Druni de Luz del Tajo perfumery.

Clarins Eye Contour

Clarins Eye Contour

Clarins is another high-end cosmetics firm that offers you a reasonably practical eye contour. On this occasion, we wanted to highlight the Clarins Multi Activa eye contour, a treatment with which you will be able to illuminate your eyes and reduce your dark circles and bags.

Once you start using it, it will become your best ally in fighting dark circles and puffiness caused by stress and lack of sleep. After the first application, you will notice how your eyes are instantly decongested and brightened.

Kiko Milano’s Eye Contour

If you prefer to opt for an eye contour with a lifting effect with marine collagen, look at the Bright Lift Eyes from the Kiko Milano store. Thanks to this product, you will be able to hydrate the area long-term, fight wrinkles, reduce bags and dark circles, tone, and provide an ideal luminosity to the eye contour. In addition, you will be able to improve the duration of your makeup, remaining impeccable on your face for longer.

How To Apply Eye Contour

First of all, to start your facial care routine, it is essential that you carefully remove makeup from your face daily with micellar water. You were then cleansing milk or a makeup remover gel to remove any traces of makeup that could clog your pores.

Next, wash your face with a specific soap indicated for your skin type, and apply the toner and your moisturizer, excluding the area around the eyes. Next, take a minimal amount of contour, about the size of a lentil, and spread it between your ring fingers, to pre-heat the product and facilitate its absorption. Keep in mind that the ring finger is the one that has less force, so it will be perfect for applying the contour in this delicate area with small touches. You will notice the difference!

Benefits Of Applying Eye Contour

The recommended age to start applying an eye contour is the age of 25, at which point the first lines of expression usually begin to appear. It is also true that it will depend on your own skin’s needs, so you must pay attention to its appearance to take care of it properly. Discover some of the benefits of applying eye contour!

Fight The Tired Look

Whether due to lack of rest or spending too countless hours in front of the computer, the gaze tends to be more tired and bags and dark circles appear in the lower part of the eyes. It is a reasonably widespread fact. The important thing is to know how to stop it in time with the help of products such as eye contour. Most contour creams contain a  draining effect that prevents fluid retention, which causes puffiness in the eyes so that they manage to combat a tired look.


Super Healthiness, Do we discuss Why use eye cream? It will help you mitigate wrinkles and also bags, and dark circles. Updated 10/23/2019 6:10 p.m. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face. It lacks sebaceous glands and is subject to constant movement due to continuous blinking (about 10,000 a day).