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Android Apps on Windows 10 – 2022

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Android Apps on Windows 10 :The Your Windows Phone application agrees you synchronize a good amount of data between your computer and an Android mobile.  Such as photos or music. Said synchronization has been expanding in options until offering a full link with Android, with some inequality since Microsoft and Samsung maintain an agreement that benefits Galaxy mobiles. And this agreement takes even more advantages for the operators of these smartphones. From now on, they can track Android apps on the computer.

Android Apps Windows 10

Microsoft has been testing the option in its Insiders for some time now, an application execution that offers a remarkable number of possibilities without using an emulator, Windows 10 already has all the software integrated. Your phone stays used to this, a link that now acquires considerable power.

As Microsoft left SpecifiedAs Microsoft left Specified

On its support page, the interaction between Android applications and the computer can now remain done from the desktop screen. Microsoft has confirmed on its Twitter account that the option is life deployed stably to compatible devices, devices that, at least for now, are included in the latest Samsung Galaxy.

The Your Phone app will display the list of installed apps. The user will be able to run any of these apps from the computer to see them on the big screen. As well as interact with all the mobile options using the mouse. One-click to imitate pressing on the phone’s touch screen, right-click to go back, scroll the mouse to scroll through the application, and, in short, interact with the application window as if you were touching the smartphone.

Microsoft ensures that compatibility with the execution of Android applications in Windows 10 reaches all operating system users and is always on compatible devices. If you have one, you are checkered if it already works in the Microsoft, Your Phone package.

How to use Android Apps on Windows 10

Android is an operating system for mobile devices; This includes smartphones and tablets. But it’s also used for set-top-box devices, for example. What about computers? On a  Windows 10 PC, although not directly. We can also install and then use Android applications—something interesting, among other things. Because there remain Android games than apps for Windows 10, they stay enjoyed more happening the computer than on the moveable.

There are many ways to Install Android on a PC

Even modified versions of the operating system can remain seated on a PC as a bootable system. Thus, for example, we can configure our computer with dual boot and choose between Android or Windows 10 on each boot. However, if we stick to using Android apps in Windows 10, the best option we have is emulation. In other words, use a program that loads the entire Android as if it were just another program on the computer. And at this point, there are several options as Android emulators for Windows 10, but Bluestacks is probably the best one.

The Home tab is always the main one, and it works practically the same as the main screen of an Android mobile. It gives us a list of installed applications and has a bar of suggested apps. At the bottom, we have a dock with the Application Center as an alternative to the Google Play Store, access to more applications and other specific tools of Bluestacks. At the top, however, is where we have the app tabs that cover multitasking features. But in a way more similar to a desktop web browser than to an Android mobile or tablet interface.

Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store

Accessible from the main Home screen, the  Google Play Store works on Bluestacks precisely as it does on mobile. If we enter the specific section of any application, we can install it. When the installation remains finished, we will see a notification in the lower right corner of Windows 10. These notifications, and the rest, are specific to Bluestacks and are not integrated into the native system of Windows 10.

When we install any application from the Google Play Store, Bluestack’s store or an APK file will automatically appear in the list of installed applications within the section mentioned earlier, corresponding to the main Home screen. And from there, we can launch it to load it in a new tab.

Running Apps

When running applications, the interface adapts automatically if they are specific to smartphones. In the example above, the window is vertical, adapting to the typical screen format of a smartphone. Application controls can remain done with a keyboard and mouse or peripherals such as a gamepad. If the rules are not recognized automatically, we have a tool for mapping,  which we review below.

Settings and Options

In any Bluestacks tab, at the bottom, we have a  toolbar. On the left side are the back and ‘ home’ buttons. And on the right side, we have the critical mapper, access to game control settings, zoom option, disable pointer in games setting, native screen recording app, screen rotation, mode full screen, location services settings, access to screenshots, and one last option to simulate shaking the device.

At the top right, there is another series of unique accesses. Bluestacks points, access to  Notification Center, Bluestacks account settings, and more settings. In this section of more locations, we can control the volume, change the emulator’s skin and modify the wallpaper, and access the

Go to the Google Play stock to get the Your Phone Companion app. If you already have it installed, make it unquestionable it’s updated. As you’ll need at least version 1.20104.15.0 to access your apps.

You’ll need to connect your Android device to your PC. Make sure you are on the same network, then open the Your Phone app on the PC.


It is another emulator to use Android apps in Windows 10. It remain presented as a  very fast, lightweight option that gives us great performance. So it is a good option to take into account. The operation is identical to that of other computer emulators.

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