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Crunchy, yummy, and healthy: the apple is a definitive among fruit varieties. It can be consumed pure in juice, cakes, or savoury dishes. In addition, it has a confident effect on our body. Read now why the apple is so healthy, what nutrients it contains then why older varieties are suitable for allergy sufferers.

They are a number of the most popular sorts of fruit: Apples are eaten maximum often via people in Germany. While a man drinks 107 grams of apples a day, girls eat 118 grams.

The apple is known as pome fruit and belongs to the rose circle of relatives. Sweet, tart, bitter: numerous specific types are harvested only once, and storage also varies.

An apple is so healthful!

“An apple an afternoon continues the health practitioner away” – this pronouncing is widely known. But with which complaints do apples actually, have an influence? We gift the modern findings.

Protection in opposition to cardiovascular illnesses

The findings at the secondary plant materials are nevertheless especially new and only in part researched. These consist of the so-referred to as polyphenols contained in apples.

They are said to guard the body against loose radicals. These stand up throughout routine metabolic procedures and thru UV radiation, nicotine and remedy. The growth of danger of arteriosclerosis is a heart disorder in which blood fat, blood clots, and connective tissue are deposited within the vessels and calcify.

Polyphenols additionally affect blood clotting and blood strain. They additionally offer protection against cardiovascular illnesses.

How many polyphenols are in a solitary apple depends on the variety and the climate? Older varieties along with Eifeler Rambur, Alkmene, Goldparmäne and Roter Boskoop tend to comprise extra polyphenols.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Numerous research shows that folks who ate an apple a day decreased their risk of developing numerous sorts of cancers. These consist of diseases along with lung and colon cancers. One purpose is the secondary plant materials contained in the apple, flavonoids, and phenolic acids.

Good for digestion

Grated apples are a true home cure when it comes to diarrhoea. This is in part because of the element pectin, which strengthens digestion. The cause: the polysaccharide swells inside the intestine, which binds extra liquid. In addition, pectin traces the intestinal wall with a protective gel film and neutralizes pollution.

The impact of grated apples is more potent because it increases the surface region of ​​the apple pieces. It is satisfactory to let them brown briefly within the air, which creates even extra pectin. The Jonagold and Boskoop types expressly incorporate pectin.

Tip: Apple pectin is also to be had in stores as a powder, and it is typically used to make jellies and jams. But it additionally tastes correct in smoothies or breakfast porridge – stirs in a pinch of it.

Prevents respiratory diseases

Apples also comprise the secondary plant substance quercetin, a natural antihistamine that is helpful in opposition to allergies. Quercetin also strengthens the immune scheme, develops an antiviral impact, and accordingly allows to save you respiratory diseases.

Scottish scientists also observed that excessive apple consumption for being pregnant covered the unborn child from growing allergies. Effects had been seen while the women ate a minimum of four apples per week

The scientists also found that kids who drank apple juice daily were less likely to suffer from coughing, wheezing, and precise whistling sounds while exhaling.

Apples are also considere to be expectorant in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ).

Nutrients in the apple

An apple includes 85 per cent water and is low in calories at 50 to 70 energy per piece, and it incorporates more significant than 30 nutrients and minerals. When consuming an apple, it is first-rate to eat it unpeeled. The reason: Most of the nutrients and secondary plant compounds are immediately in or below the peel.

Choosing apples that are low in sugar is also correct for your health. Sugar promotes inflammation within the frame and consequently sicknesses which includes arteriosclerosis. The general sugar is pretty standard in types, including Granny Smith and Dümener Rosenapfel.

These vitamins are determine in an apple, among different things:

Pectin: This soluble fiber is one of the most vital ingredients in apples. Pectins have an excessive water-binding and swelling capacity and, consequently, have a pleasing effect on digestion. They additionally bind bile acids and prevent them from getting into the intestine. The outcome: the LDL cholesterol degree drops as a result.

Secondary plant materials: According to scientific studies, polyphenols broaden an antioxidant effect inside the body by neutralizing loose radicals and rendering them innocent. These consist of catechins, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid, and quercetin. They are also state to have a practical impact on blood stress. However, scientific information remains in its infancy.

Vitamin C: The body wishes vitamin C for a robust immune machine. In addition, vitamin C intercepts cell-damaging oxygen compounds within the frame, enabling wound recovery and building connective tissue.

Calcium: The critical element for the human body is bone metabolism, the transmission of impulses in nerve cells, and blood clotting. Calcium is likewise vital for teeth.

Iron: The so-called trace element is especially involve in oxygen transport within the frame.

Potassium: It is essential for the everyday functioning of cells, nerves, and muscle tissues. Together with sodium, potassium ensures a balanced water balance inside the frame.

A medium-sized apple (100 g) contains the following vitamins:

Allergy to apples: Older apple types tend to be extra suitable

People who stand allergic to birch pollen and different varieties of tree pollen can also have hypersensitive reactions to apples in some cases. The motive is the allergen “Mal d1” containe in many apple types. This includes:

In the case of vintage apple types consisting of the Red Boskoop, alternatively, those affected often react much less strongly or under no circumstances. Scientists on the Charité Berlin found that vintage apple types commonly have a better polyphenol content material, which is associate with a decreased content of the hypersensitive reaction-causing protein “Mal d1”. Polyphenol has been bred out for a more first-rate, much less acidic-tart flavour in the newer types.

Conventional fruit development has reacted to this and intentionally bred apple varieties well-matched with allergic reaction sufferers. This consists of Santana, which changed into created within the Netherlands within the Nineteen Seventies. In Bavaria, there are the brand new breeds Countess Goldach.

BUND Lemgo has compiled a list of apple types that people with hypersensitive reactions generally tend to tolerate. This includes:

Studies also show that when consuming such vintage apple varieties, the signs of hay fever have been less intense.

Overview of apple varieties

The maximum popular apple types include:


The Berlepsch range has been cultivating for extra than a hundred and twenty years. The apples are medium-size and brown-purple, and their taste is bitter, juicy, and fragrant. They have a high diet C content material, and they are appropriate for eating raw desserts, mousse, or baked apples.


Its hard, stupid skin can recognize a Boskoop, typically washed out in orange to darkish red. It could be excessive in sugar; however, it still has a refreshing flavour. Like the Berlepsch, it contains a variety of diet C and is versatile.

Cox Orange

The Cox Orange comes from England and has been on the market since 1859. Its shell is light pink to brown-pink, and it has a sweet and bitter taste that is very popular. The Cox Orange is likewise appropriate for mush, desserts, or direct intake.

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious enjoys first-rate international recognition. Its pores and skin are greenish-yellow to yellow. On the sunny facet, it typically has a reddish colour. It tastes sweet and has slight acidity. It is use for drying, baking, and juice, among other matters.

Granny Smith

It stands proudly due to its grass-green skin: the Granny Smith changed into by accident observed in Australia in 1869. It has a barely sour aroma and tastes clean. And its sugar content is relatively low. It tastes true in muesli, as an instance, or genuinely on its very own.


The Jonagold range was from “Golden Delicious” and “Jonathan.” The apple has greenish-yellow pores and skin, half of that’s vibrant red and striped. Its flavour is good and barely bitter, and what is unique about it is its high vitamin C content. It can be use in various ways in the kitchen: for mush, cakes, for waking up, or clearly on its very own.

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